Zorin OS 7 Core RC available

Official announcement of the Zorin Group:

The Zorin OS Team is excited to finally launch the Zorin OS 7 Core Release Candidate, the pre-release version of our groundbreaking new operating system. Zorin OS 7 brings about a plethora of changes and improvements such as a wide array of updated software, the Linux Kernel version 3.8, the introduction of new software (Pidgin replacing Empathy and Geary Mail replacing Thunderbird) and an enormous design overhaul.
We have given the brand a face-lift with our new logo. In addition to this, Zorin OS itself includes a brand new desktop theme which you can see here. You can take a look at the default Zorin OS 7 desktop here.
As always, Zorin OS 7 uses the Zorin Desktop environment with Zorin Menu for unparalleled customization and the Zorin Look Changer for ultimate ease of use. We also include our Zorin Web Browser Manager to ease the installation of web browsers.
Zorin OS 7 is based on Ubuntu 13.04.

Zorin OS 7 Core RC is — at the time of writing — only available in 32bit flavour, which is the paramount reason why I’m not mirroring it. I will await the release of the 64bit branch and update my mirror (http://zorin.k0nsl.org).
In any case, those interested in the 32bit release can use the official mirrors, here:

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