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Yeah, and then they banned me! Without reason, of course. I sent them at least four e-mails over the period of three or four years asking why they decided to ban me — no response, ever. This is something they did just out of the blue. I always behaved courteous on their forum and followed their guidelines to the dot.

I actually liked this forum a lot since it contains so much valuable information, although I think in recent years it has deteriorated with regards to post value and obviously moderation — as I was (presumably) banned by somebody with a personal grief towards me. The reason for the deterioration is probably because — as I sometimes do — loose interest, and also naturally because of the large influx of n00bs.

Just a bit of XtremeSystems “curiosa” from the friendly k0nsl.

By the way, and this is totally off-topic: but my ASRock Z77 Extreme4 coupled with my trusty Core i7-2600K CPU now does 4,5GHZ on stock cooling, and with 12GB ram. It’s quite speedy and very stable at this clock.

I’m using the 1.80 BIOS but will try out the newer one (1.90) probably later tonight when I have some spare time for it.

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I’ve cleaned this post up a little bit. What’s funny is that In the year of 2014 I’m still listed as banned — for no reason at all. And these people had their IRC channel on my network? Many of them were my “friends”? Hmmpfff! 

The hell with it.

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