WW II Survivor Blasts the Toronto Star


A German WW II survivor blasts the Toronto Star and sets the record straight.


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To the Toronto Star
As per the above subject matter; Greg Quill, Books Columnist wrote about the latest “HYPE”  going on in Germany’s winter book season.
Here is the other side of the coin:
The letter below had been sent to the Editor.  However,  it is a hot topic. Even though we are living in a so-called democratic country and everyone
by law should be allowed to voice their opinion without being snubbed or persecuted, it is unfortunate that only the opinions that are considered
“politically correct” will be published.
“The Toronto Star welcomes submissions for the Editorial and Opinion pages”, providing they are 800 words or less. Therefore I am sending you
also a copy of my letter to find out if all are considered “equal”.
Yours very truly,
Rosemarie Rohrbach-Gabriel

Subject: Toronto Star, January 25, 2013 front page – Germans lapping up Nazi satire – taking a novel approach to Hitler
January 27th, 2013



Letter to the Editor

Toronto Star

1 Yonge Street

Toronto ON M5E 1E6



Dear Sir:


Re: Toronto Star, January 25, 2013 front page – Germans lapping up Nazi satire – taking a novel approach to Hitler


The Star reported on the novel Er Ist Wieder Da (He’s Here Again) a novel that caused a debate throughout Europe about whether it’s Ok for Germans to laugh at Hitler.


I was born on April 26, 1942 in Cologne Germany in the middle of a bombing raid, one of thousands, which eventually devastated the entire city. Born in a horrible war that left millions dead and millions with emotional scars that still linger on after 70 years. A war that was unavoidable and predictable after the Versailles treaty was forced unto Germany by the Allies, which gave German territory to Poland. The German population was being slaughtered and driven out by the Poles. For this reason Hitler went into Poland to save his people. Due to this humane action of trying to save his people, Britain and France declared war on Germany, although it was Polish Cavalry that attacked Germany’s border  towns first.

Hitler made several attempts to establish peace with the Allies starting in May 17, 1933 to October 6, 1939 which were ignored .

 It amazes me to no end that individual people, the media and especially Hollywood are still harvesting endless profits 70 years later on the  distortion of the actual facts. Why does not anyone write a satirical story on Churchill, conducting meetings in the nude only wearing his silk underwear ? Perhaps the  historians should have a look at the real facts why it all started and who started it, not the Hollywood version, and have the courage to publish it. Some have had the courage. However, they are banned in the so-called democratic  country of Germany, that to this date does not have a signed peace treaty. For that matter, Historians other than German who have written the actual truth, have also been banned in the “democratic” countries of Canada and USA.

The truth fears no questions, only the lies do !

Sincerely yours,

A Survivor,

Rosemarie Rohrbach-Gabriel

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