WordPress Challenge Pass?

I recently made a post at the WordPress Forums > http://wordpress.org/support/topic/challenge-passage?replies=2

In this topic I asked:

I’m wondering if somebody has ever coded a challenge passage for WP? If you don’t know what a challenge passage is then let me explain really briefly:
A challenge passage is something that locks down the entire site, similar to those maintenance plugins, until the visitor completes some type of challenge and thus gains access to the site for a specified amount of time until the challenge must be passed again.

And added, has it ever been done? CloudFlare has this system when somebody scores high on their spam-lists, they must pass a challenge – so access to the entire site is temporarily disabled until the challenge is successfully passed.

I had something similar in mind for a WordPress Plugin, preferably a plugin because apparently most WP-coders abhor people who touch the core…

For my challenge pass I thought about a design such as this:


Would this actually be useful to anyone? I thought about implementing it because I hate the storm of spammers who visits and tries to post (but obviously they can’t). This system would nip their business in the bud, so to speak – because one could implement all sorts of actions if the challenge isn’t passed successfully. There is plenty of options to choose from.

If anybody is interested in collaborating or at least contribute with more ideas, you’re welcome to contact me. Or post a comment.

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