What’s Your Favorite Linux Distro?

I’m on the look-out for a good rock-solid Linux distribution, mostly for coding, casual surfing and multimedia –, an all-around solution basically. I realize most distributions offer exactly that and it’s basically a matter of finding what works for you; however, I can never settle for something for a long time…I get bored and want to test something new, so when I do, and I find something I like, it usually replaces my main OS, which essentially means that the migration process of all the old data must begin.

That’s another thing I’m looking for in the distribution: an easy way to migrate old data to a new OS? Now I basically rsync between the boxes or backup what I need on external disks, and the rest is located in the cloud. I suppose this solution is probably one of the best, however it’s a little bit of a tedious process when there is loads, and loads of important and very personal data!

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(the above photo depicts some of my antique Linux discs hehe)

Today I decided to settle with Linux Deepin for my main OS and after some modifications here & there, and it’s working really nice. All on a little “itty-bitty” Celeron CPU (a G550) together with 16 GB memory, I’m actually surprised by the power of this little CPU. It does most things without fail.

I have two i7 CPUs too and will probably drop one of them into this board (resurrected ASRock Xtreme 4) tomorrow…

As for Windows, I’ve left that operating system altogether now — unless there is something I must do which specifically requires Windows (and luckily I’ve had no such incidents for months). Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are uses for Windows, but none that I currently need; it’s one of the few OSes that I know in-and-out 100%, the exact files in the “windows” and various system directories, the exact layout. That’s because when you’re involved with some stuff you have to keep exact tabs on everything – and I can basically recount each and every file in the stock installation of WinXP, Vista and Win7.
As for Windows 8, I only ran it for a month or so and to be perfectly frank I didn’t find many faults with it. It seemed more robust than Windows 7, but a bit more annoying. If you ever tried to read the Talmud you know it’s just like “Microsoft Help”.
I once got a copy of a Talmud and Shulchan Aruch (which makes more sense than the Talmud), but I didn’t keep it, it’s incomprehensible. It’s meant to be. Like Microsoft.

So, in any case, my question to whoever reads this…is that age-old somewhat lame question: what’s your favourite Linux distribution?

If your particular one isn’t on the list, feel free to leave me a comment. For myself, I’m open to try precisely any distribution. As a matter of fact, I’m just about to burn out elementary OS again to check out if my impression will be the same as last time (stressed it a bit the first run).


I am mirroring Linux Deepin, see:


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