Watercooling Build Almost Finalized

I’ve almost finalized the watercooling build now although the cable management is still left, and I’m going to empty the loop once more to shorten the tubing on one place. I also had to use old tubing I had laying around since olden times because the one I bought wasn’t really to my liking — not only that, it seemed to be a bit of a risk to use together with the fittings I have.

One more thing: the pump will be mounted someplace else too, but I’m not sure exactly where yet. Too bad I’ve got so many HDDs otherwise that location might have been one option…

This build is all-right for my purposes but the radiator is on the small side, I should’ve used my Thermochill 120.3 radiator instead but this case could never fit such a big one. So I might do some re-arrangement in the future: crafting a radbox to house everything would’ve been the ideal thing to do.

I’m sorry if the photographs aren’t very professional, but I’m not a photographer in that respect 


Preliminary OC-results:

5GHz: http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2493325


GPU temps under 100% load:


Clocks: Core 925 / Mem 1080


CPU temps under 100% load:



Room temperature: 23°C.


I’m not sure why the CPU temperature is so high. 70°C seems a tad bit high, I believe. Perhaps it might be because I only have a dual radiator for both GPU+CPU 


[UPDATE: I’ve managed to get a consistent  100% load temperature of 60°C which I am quite satisfied with.]


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