Varnish not playing nice

As most of my readers know I’ve been caught up with improving the server the last couple of weeks and I’ve had great success with much of it. Most recantly I’ve played with Varnish — which no doubt worked very well — but up to now things took another turn and I seemed to get a lot of strange issues, none which I could seem to remedy. They seemed to be memory related issues. I even tried some obvious things, like setting ulimit -s to something like 2048, but the memory issues continued. So I said to myself the hell with it! So it’s currently not running, I must investigate further into the root cause without impacting server performance.

In the meanwhile I decided to publish my customized VCLs for reference. They can be found on GitHub and I’d be a happy bloke if perhaps a “Varnish Guru” would have a look and see if my VCLs are fine. For the most part, I believe they are. I’m sure some of it could be further refined but I kept it somewhat simple just to get a general hum how it works. I’ve only been a Varnish user for, what…four days? Never touched it before that. I merely read a bit, here and there, but never compiled, configured nor ran it on any servers before. So it’s a nice learning experience for future reference 

The official support for us that use their free software weren’t the best either, unfortunately. The forum? More or less dead. E-mail support was a bit better, at least I got one reply for a request I made (it was not granted):

Thank you for your mail. We’re glad to hear that you are already using Varnish and satisfied with our software. I appreciate you being so to the point in your request!

Yeah I am just like that, short and to the point. For the most part.

So that’s it for now, I’m taking a pause from Varnish.

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