Varnish now deployed on Gondor

Hi friends,

My initial impressions of Varnish are all positive so far. I can’t believe I’ve not given it much thought earlier

The configuration syntax reminds me a lot about Squid, which I have a lot of experience with in both the olden days and presently — mostly using it to proxy.

Today I’m spending the day trying to clean up the code for the blog. The sidebar-widgets isn’t functioning at all (edit: I know why now), it shouldn’t look like that. So I’m working on that and some other minor issues today.

Powered by Varnish Cache

If the blog seems sluggish it’s because I’ve probably turned off most optimizations so I get realtime/live queries. The only problem with Varnish right now is configuring the VCLs to function properly with the WP-admin area, it’s tricky but I’m almost there.

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