Upgraded CPU Cooler, done.

Yesterday I bought a new CPU cooler, a small one, a so-called “closed loop” water cooling solution from Corsair, with a 140mm fan on the radiator. Here’s what Corsair says about it on their site:

Hydro Series H90 is a 140mm all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that provides better cooling with lower noise than other high-end liquid coolers. Liquid cooling simply works better than air cooling, and the self-contained design of the H90 makes it easy for you to protect your valuable CPU.


Since I am not doing any overclocking to speak of any longer there’s very little need for anything other than this petite cooler. The only things which can get considerably hot in my box are the HDDs, so I might add one 120mm fan for them. Right now there’s only two fans in my entire box; the one in my PSU and the one mounted on the itty bitty radiator.

The only thing about it that sucked was the backplate used for mounting the cooler, it didn’t support my ASRock motherboard so I had to use a “Mora”-knife to sculpt it, but it still wouldn’t fit. Later, the backplate broke completely. Piece of shit.
So I crafted my own solution by using two twin nuts, or whatever they’re called, and now it works perfectly. Sure, using four twinners would’ve been ideal because it would mean a mount with equal pressure. But as fate had it, poor k0nsl only had two twinners available at the time

My CPU temperature has been cut down by approximately forty-five percent:

In any case, I’m satsified for sure. It is overall a fine product.


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