Update on k0nsl.org

I wiped the entire server and relocated k0nsl.org onto a container because I realized that I did not need all the resources of ‘Eicke’ allocated soley for k0nsl.org. I ran Centos on it earlier, but now it runs a Debianesque fork as the base system and nginx+fastcgi for web without a proxied stack. I just didn’t need all the fancy pantsy extra bits and pieces, maybe in the future if there is a huge increase of daily visitors. However, to my surprise I discovered that my database repository was outdated by a few hours so I lost a bit of information in the process, other than that not much was lost, and most things appear to be working fine — except for the ServerStatus page, it needs attention (borked). All in all it was another more or less perfect migration. I’m happy with it.
The container which k0nsl is on is codnamed ‘gl0bocnik’ with regards to the limited resources:
Quite restrained! However, I can always increase it when it needs more.
(PS: the memory output is incorrect – in reality only 397.31 MB is currently being used.)

[divider]Update 11/18/13[/divider]
I got rid of php-fastcgi and replaced it with Dotdeb’s php5-fpm:
And I also upgraded nginx:

[divider]Update 11/19/13[/divider]
Temporarily switched to Apache2. Took awhile to figure out the issue I had (permissions and latent cache can be tricky sometimes ).
Oh well, it’s all good. Any issues? Send me an e-mail: i.am@k0nsl.org


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