Untasteful – A “Holocaust Cookbook”

The title should have been:

Untasteful Cookbook: Holocaust Survivor Cookbook “My Table is Full Again”.

Well, in any case. I stumbled upon something even many Jews seem to frown upon; a cookbook that mixes foods with “Holocaust” ideology. Actually, the persons criticizing the author of that book [Joanne Caras] are not alone with having such a thought, I too, find it untasteful. Bad taste, so to speak: not so much so because I think the stories are true — which they admittedly are not in 99% of the cases, but because it simply is bad taste to make money out of an event which the Jews are claiming to be one of the worst to ever happen to them.

Let us imagine if the Ukrainians would be producing a “Holodomor Cookbook”, or the Germans making something like “Dresden: A Holocaust From the Skies Cookbook”, and on & on. Obviously such examples do not exist, because the majority of Ukrainians and Germans have good taste, and more importantly self-distance and self-respect. Morals.

Before I bore you to death, let’s watch the sparkling Joanne Caras making a push for her Holocaust Cookbook on Fox TV:

Now, don’t be as mean as myself towards Ms. Joanne Caras, I’m sure she’s a great girl, right? Or something. However, I could not resist making the following comment on the video:

I’m laughing my ass off. That she looks like Frankenstein makes it even more absurd, what a wreck!

Anyone got a recipe for Gespachelor made from tootsie-rolls, Auschwitz toilet paper, some rats from Schloss Hartheim, and why not a bucket of lice from Łódź? Anyone got their appetite worked up yet? I’m really looking forward to my copy of this book.

I may even write my own Holocaust Cookbook soon, seeing as I love food. Especially a good Gespachelor! Why not.

After this video I get caught up in a fundraising attempt on the behalf for this book, along with the cheesiest song you could have ever dreamt up. See:

Makes your eyes bleed, yes? Just like Jesus. Again, I decided to accrue the heat by the following comment:

This is certainly lame. The author probably thought the music would make somebody “sad” but it only makes of a pathetic impression.

And Holocaust Survivor Coobook? Even your own peers frowns upon this title. Lame, lame, lame!


It’s always about the Geld, right?

Evidently the alleged “Holocaust” has boiled down to being nothing but a spectacle to acquire money and sympathy from. Mostly undeserved, of course.

Makes me wanna puke.



Here are some of the comments to the first video clip, i.e http://knsl.net/holocookbook.


What a tasteless name for the book!


This is just so fucking absurd it’s hard to take seriously. And who the hell believes in the Holocaust anymore? For fucks sake.

Best comment of the bunch, I should say! 


I mean the Holocaust is not to make light of or to demean with a COOKBOOK, IMHO. What do others think? Ouch I say, oi.



sick… holo mit..


That’s all.


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