Twitter Account of Vice Prime Minister of Israel Hacked

The twitter account @SilvanShalom which belongs to the Vice Prime Minister of Israel has been defaced by the Z Company Crew. Apparently the official Web Page of Silvan isn’t working correctly either; or the “security gurus” of Israel has decided to disable access to it since most of Silvan’s online accounts on the Internet appears to have been compromised in one way or the other. Even his personal blog is defaced. His official Web Page returns this:

“This site is blocked for your country.”

Which is ironical seeing how I’ve blocked Israel from accessing any of my servers too.  In any case, apparently ZHC is going to publish all of Silvan’s e-mails, contacts and more. I say: good job Z Company Crew for getting Silvan Shalom.

I bet Silvan doesn’t have such a smile on the lips as of this moment..

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