Top List: Jewish Products in WWII

We all know the story, don’t we? The most evil people on the planet were the Germans and according to some people they still are the most evil people. It’s apparently okay to say this and get away with it. However, if we begin by looking at the facts one sees that this allegation is a Jewish construction — and it sure is a flimsy one; most such constructions are indeed flimsy.

Let’s take a look at some of the things the ever so evil Germans are supposed to have produced from Jewish cadavers in World War II. The list is rather long, so hold your horses (and breath) because this stuff is so vile that one cannot do anything but wonder what the mental status is of the Jews who told the world audacious lies such as this. How can so many people lie about so much and with a inclination for the most bizarre, perverted fantasies you could ever dream up? Actually, any decent man or woman would likely not be able to drea this up. I doubt it.

We begin straight away. This is the most recent list as of now:

  •  Bacon (note #1)
  •  Books bound in human skin, often Mein Kampf or Christmas books for Hitler Youth members (see note #2,#3 and #4)
  •  Bookends from tattooed human skin (note #5)
  •  Briefcases (see note #6)
  •  Chair coverings (note #7)
  •  Chandeliers (note #8)
  •  Coat-hangers (note #9)
  •  Fertilizer (note #10)
  •  Flags (note #11)
  •  Framed tattooed flesh, hung on a wall as a picture (note #12)
  •  Gloves (note #13)
  •  Glue (note #14)
  •  Grease (note #15)
  •  Hand-bags (note #16)
  •  Knife sheaths (note #17)
  •  Lamps (note #18)
  •  Lampshades (note #19)
  •  Light switches (note #20)
  •  Mantelpiece ornaments (note #21)
  •  Mats (note #22)
  •  Mattresses (see notes #23 and #24)
  •  Manicure cases (see note #25)
  •  Paperweights (note #26)
  •  Photo album covering (note #27)
  •  Riding britches / Trousers (see note #28)
  •  Riding crops / Whips (see note #29)
  •  Riding crop handles (note #30)
  •  Roads (note #31)
  •  Road gritter (note #32)
  •  Ropes (note #33)
  •  Saddles (note #34)
  •  Sausages (note #35)
  •  Slippers (note #36)
  •  Soap (note #37)
  •  Soap (perfumed) (see note #38)
  •  Socks (note #39)
  •  String (note #40)
  •  Submarine equipment (note #41)
  •  Tables cloths from human skin (note #42)
  •  Tables and chairs made from parts of human bodies (note #43)
  •  Tables decorations (note #44)
  •  Tobacco pouch (note #45)
  •  Train oil (note #46)
  •  Walls (note #47)
  •  Wall Insulation (note #48)

We top it all with a nice:

  •  Soup (see #note 49)

Big shoots-out to TheBlackRabbitofInlé (see #note 50) at the CODOH Revisionist Forum who compiled this excellent list. If you happen to be in possession of a source that makes claim of Jews having been made into a product, or if you know of an Jewish article not listed here, please submit it at the forum:

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