Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League

I made two short comments today on this man called Tommy Robinson (leader of EDL) because if you know me you’ll certainly know I’m no fan of EDL in any manner. In fact, I resent EDL in every respect one could think of.

The only good thing about them is their supposed statement of will regarding the deportation of Muslims from European nations. But I think it’s more steam than anything else, really. It’s purpose definitely is serving and executing the interests of Zionism and this — as always — benefits the Jews on all fronts, because with organizations like EDL the Zionists have us going in circles and occupying our time doing something that which is completely useless and a waste of our precious time. The power behind the EDL-concept knows this perfectly, it was designed in such a manner, see?

In any case there ought to be a big warning sign such as those on cigarettes on everything EDL, and certainly on their Web Page as well.


As I declared in the beginning: I couldn’t resist making two short comments on this – one of them were made on YouTube, the other on


First one, and it will certainly not even be published:


The second one:


Be wary of EDL, my friends.


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