“Tijger” Defends Censorship

In the discussion of an article (see note #1) issued by Ars Technica where a French court wants Twitter to identify “racist” and “anti-Semitic” users I encountered somebody with the moniker “Tijger” – apparently this chap has invested in the Holocaust Belief, because it took only milliseconds for him to respond to the following comment I made there:

I’m surprised they didn’t ask to identify those “evil” deniers of the Holocaust (must capitalize the H, it’s ‘anti-Semitic’ not to).

“Hate speech” = anything the current rulers disagrees with, or cannot counter with arguments.

Sure, there probably exists true examples of hate speech but for the most part they use these laws to hunt down people with dissenting opinions.



To which “Tijger” (from the Netherlands?) replied:

Utter BS, holocaust deniers are exactly the kind of people that can easily be countered with arguments yet that doesnt stop them from spreading their lies nor does it ever stop any racist. Arguments do not work with these people.

Hunted down *rolleyes*…what, Stormfront was quiet today?

One wonders, what lie that would be? We shred only the nonsense contained in the so-called “Holocaust”. One is stumped how that should be considered to be denial or spreading lies.


In any case, I wrote him back:

Uh, I’ve never seen a Holocaust Believer being able to rationalize their belief with facts – merely threats, obfuscation, subject changing, innuendo, ad hominem and for the most part the ones I’ve seen prance around the subject of the Holocaust with ancillary anecdotes.

Perhaps this is a small generalization on my part, but I’ve partaken and watched such debates for about fifteen years. But I just love the way you generalize.
Whenever some “survivor” is exposed as a fake (think Bernie Holstein, and the woman who cried wolf: Misha DeFonseca) the Holocaust Believer merely shrugs it off and finds some other “survivor” to make their point…so, in reality, it is the Holocaust Believer who one apparently cannot argue with because they will always stay steadfast with their belief.
In actual fact: nothing can trounce their belief.

Best wishes,


Challenging the nonsense contained in the Holocaust story shouldn’t be equatable with ‘telling lies’, nor should it be considered hateful. Really, think about it, isn’t it hate the way the Germans are denigrated in these horror stories? It is the stories contained in the Holocaust that are truly the most vicious, unmitigated hate one can possibly think of.

Predictable the fine folks at Ars Technica deleted my second comment, but let comments about me stay untouched, such as these:

Well, looky here. A real live Holocaust denier in our midst, who signed up just to leave his trail of filth all over this thread. Lovely.


Indeed. If you check his/her profile, there’s a link to a blog that is mostly Holocaust denial and antisemitism.

It’s a breeze being a Holocaust Believer when you know that you’ll have the backing of somebody that itches on the delete button whenever something comes up which they cannot deal with; it’s exactly the same with the topic they’re discussing — France produces court orders for Twitter, because they cannot deal with the arguments of people they conveniently  call “racists” and “anti-Semites”…

There’s a reason why Holocaust Believers are demolished in debate, and it’s not because we’re “hateful” 


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