The Stalker Replies

In reply to my post “Got a Stalker? I Do.” — the man stalking me, that’s to say Andrew E. Mathis, posted this:

This stalker vividly reminds me of this:

This tracking-me-down bit was somewhat disconcerting. Still, I figured the poor guy was a bit of a sad, or lonely, sack, and I thought of my mother and how she always taught me to do a mitzvah and be kind to those who could benefit from a little kindness. So the mitzvah consisted of another polite response, less than half the length of his, asking him about his job and appeasing his request to ask him how he found me. And this is when he became my Jewish Stalker.

Source: My Jewish Cyber-Stalker: A Tale of Matchmaking, Mitzvahs and Manischewitz

The only difference being I’m not in a rush to do a ‘mitzvah’ (good deed) for this sick fuck 


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