The Nvidia GTX 690

Whew ! I just glanced at some images and reviews / previews of Nvidia’s GTX 690 GPU and this thing looks fantastic, but not only that, the core seems to be fantastic also.

(A pair of 690’s in SLI–IS that sexy or what??)

(A casing of plated aluminium and polycarbonate windows along with magnesium fan housing)

This is what PC Perspective writes in regards with the Nvidia GTX 690:

The GeForce GTX 690 4GB card is based on a pair of GK104 chips, each sporting 1536 CUDA cores, basically identical to the ones used in the GeForce GTX 680 2GB cards released in March.  The base clock speed of these parts is slightly lower at 915 MHz but the “typical” Boost clock is set as high as 1019 MHz, pushing it pretty close to the performance of the single GPU solutions.  With a total of 3072 processing cores, the GTX 690 will have insane amounts of compute horsepower.

I kind of instinctively want the card, or two. But at a introduction price of 999 dollars a piece it feels a bit over-kill. And I do not game much anymore – mostly basic video editing, some graphical work, and a lot of high resolution video/movies. I would also have to spend time looking at top gaming monitor comparisons to upgrade my monitor, which feels like overkill right now.

I’m sick of gaming right now – and besides – EA and other companies, but mainly EA, have almost destroyed the PC gaming industry. It’s all hopeless right now, yet we are their “core”. So I have boycotted all gaming until something positive happens, whenever that is!

But still. I want it, it isn’t something I can deny — and I even “deny” the Holocaust! That’s saying something, isn’t it?

PS: technically I do not “deny” the Holycoast, I just don’t believe in the Holocaust. The difference is blatant, of course, since one cannot deny that which did not happen. See? But according to irrational minds my reasoning still constitutes denial.

The witches leer with a big grin from above.


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