The Incoherence of Jeanne Levy

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Here comes a short update on my activities and later a testimony by Holocaust Survivor Jeanne Levy.

I’ve spent about two weeks only reading with minimal activity on the Internet – only doing the most essential tasks that must be done on a daily basis (it’s routine stuff). So this is one reason why I’ve been somewhat quiet lately; because I needed to study and re-read some of the books which I deem contain useful information. Whilst I’m still writing about books, I wish to make people aware that NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG by Carlos Porter [link] is available in a new edition crafted in 2012, a must have for any revisionist enthusiast! You can buy the book at CHP:

And no, I don’t get anything for this, I just think it’s a must have. The new edition also looks much nicer than the older:


However! Now I’m focusing my energy on reading dreary testimonies from self-proclaimed survivors of the Holocaust. These stories contain everything from biting into their arms with the intention to commit suicide and from hearing a murmur and thinking you’ll be ‘gassed’…most of these stories are textbook cases of Jewish paranoid-schizoid-masochistic character. One wonders how they can come up with these horror stories.

Where I live we’re now bombarded by all sorts of WWII documentaries and naturally the icing on the cake: Schindler’s List [link]. Almost for an entire week they’ve broadcasted all sorts of WWII documentaries for some reason. I liked the scenery in one of them, really nice colour scenes.

Back to the topic. As I said right now I’m focusing on reading up on all sorts of Holocaust survivor testimony, not because I lack science fiction and horror magazines, but because I think it is important to critically assess what they claim and comment on it — one mustn’t write an essay, merely a comment is enough to mark that you don’t buy into such apparent nonsense, I urge others to do this as well; if you need a blog for this just give me a shout and I’ll set it up for you, five minute job. If one really reads the stories they tell in a critical and investigative spirit they appear nonsensical and in many cases hysteric and hopelessly prone to exaggerate and make-up all sorts of illustrious details, and in the case of Jeanne Levy: completely incoherent drivel. I’ve probably never read anything so useless in my entire life – take note of her paranoid nature when she associates completely normal matters with being thrown into a ‘gas chamber’! Later on in this blog entry I say ‘What a god damned idiot’ but somehow I wish to use a much stronger language, but it would not be suitable seeing as I do not use such words very much (mostly when I hurt myself by accident): but in these cases one certainly wants to do it.

Here comes the Testimony of Jeanne Levy:

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I forgot to tell you about the first night. When we came there and into the block there
came a lot – that I have to tell of course – there came some girls from other barracks
and asked us to sell things. We had gotten also stockings and small pieces of material
to hold it. Did you ever try that? With every step, they fell down. And they came to
sell elastic bands for the stockings. For the women who had just…(?) and they had to
throw everything away and were still bleeding, so…..they had to throw everything
away, also when they were bleeding and their pants were already bloody, so they
needed pants. They did it even that they could pay it in two or three with bread. And
then they said, “With how many people did you come?” We didn’t know exactly, but
we said, “About a thousand.” And they said, “The rest is gassed.” So we didn’t believe
it and started to cry and so on. I and then some others also said, “But you don’t believe
that? Look at their faces. They enjoy it. They enjoy telling us stories to make
us….This is not true. It can’t be true.” And then we believed it, too, and we went to
Now already, more people had told us about the gas, but we still didn’t believe it. One
woman told me, “Look at this fire. That is the camp where they burn our children,” in
Yiddish. I said, “It is not. In a big camp you have to burn things. It’s already the big
fire that they made there.” And she said, “How long are you here?” I said, “Two
weeks.” I said, “And how long are you here?” She said, “Several years.” And when I
said “Two weeks” she took her shoulders up and didn’t answer anymore. But when
they brought us in this small barrack we were standing one onto the other, I smelled
something. I saw that it was true, we are gassed now. And then I hear in Russian…a
kind of murmur and a smell so I was sure we will be gassed. I thought: but don’t say
anything because others will get in panic. And then suddenly I saw on the end the
door was open, so it couldn’t be that we were gassed. What was the matter I found out
later. Near to us was a barrack where a dentist worked for the SS and what we had
heard was the murmur from the water that was running.

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What a god damned idiot this hysteric Jewess is, what nonsense. Can you believe that it’s criminal to question her story in a whole array of countries? It is criminal, see:

By the way if somebody — like myself — didn’t get one thing of what she said in the first paragraph about the stockings and panties send me a comment below. Clearly a lot of these so-called ‘survivors’ should reside within the confines of a psychiatric hospital instead of poisoning the minds of millions with these completely retarded stories.

Aha, after thinking for a second more I guess she is talking about selling items, or something. I didn’t quite get the bloody pants bit and some other stuff.

One more thing — as a security measure — and because I hate how people spit that useless anti-Semite “Mother Word” without so much as a smidgen of foundation, an acquaintance  of mine pointed out to me an article titled NERVOUS DISEASES AMONGST JEWS in JewishEncyclopedia where it clearly justifies me when I say that most of these stories are textbook cases of Jewish paranoid-schizoid-masochistic nature [or character]. One can read this entry online:

I had actually encountered this entry years ago but couldn’t at the moment of writing this post find it. Luckily my acquaintance could point me into the right direction – thanks (you know who you are).

What do you think about Jeanne Levy? Tell me in a comment because I hope I’m not alone with these inclinations I’ve talked about earlier in my entry on this Levy woman and Holocaust survivors in general.

That’s all for now.


Could this be the Levy I’m referring to here?

For what it’s worth that woman is stone-cold ugly.

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