The Holocaust Business

The Holocaust is a very lucrative business for Jews. I came across an e-book roughly four megabytes in size called:

A Guide to Claims Conference
Programs Worldwide

And in this book we find interesting data on payments and budget for Holocaust related claims. The amounts of money staggers the mind!

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Here’s an extract from the introduction:

The payments listed in this book do not include the approximately 50,000 Holocaust
survivors who are still today receiving pension payments directly from Germany, negoti-
ated by the Claims Conference in 1952. Under that first agreement, 278,000 survivors
received pensions and hundreds of thousands more received one-time payments. All
compensation agreements negotiated by the Claims Conference since then have built
on the principles established in those first negotiations.

In 2010 eleven employers of this fraud organization were indicted on embezzlement charges (and more), see:

The figures for what they stole rose above forty million dollars.

The same organization (Claims Conference) let’s demented Jews publish (anonymously) the most insane hate one can think of, but not only that – stories that are merely fantasies are also put forth as “testimonies” against the Germans. One of my kids who is three years old is perhaps expected to have childish fantasies like the following I’m about to link you to, it’s a so-called testimony from a Jew who tells us that the Germans equipped dogs with poison fangs, which were set loose on poor Jews. The bites caused cancer and whatnot.

You can check out this one here:
German Shepherds Equipped with Poison Fangs.

Another one — this time from an obviously perverse Jew — is howling about “electric masturbation machines at Auschwitz”!

These are the stories which generate millions upon millions of payments for people who belong in some institution for the criminally and mentally insane.

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This book is available through WNLibrary:


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