The Double Standards of Greville Janner

In May 2011, Lord Janner published an article in the Telegraph entitled “Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk deserves no sympathy”. In part, Janner’s article dealt with the issue of whether an alleged offender (in this case Demjanjuk) should face justice or be allowed to escape prosecution on grounds of old age and ill health.

Janner said:

There were some who felt a pang of pity for John Demjanjuk yesterday, after he was found guilty for crimes committed during the Holocaust. He is, after all, now a very old man. Ill health restricted him to his wheelchair throughout his trial, as he sat silently behind dark glasses.

Janner was insisting that someone who had spent years avoiding prosecution must never be allowed to claim they had become too old and sick to face justice.

Janner said:

At times it felt hard to connect this frail figure before a Munich court with the heinous crimes that were being detailed.

But we should waste no misplaced sympathy on a man who spent so many of the final years of his long life evading justice…

So what has changed in the three years since this article?

The allegations against Janner are long standing. He was named as an abuser of boys during a trial in 1991 and, like the good magician he is, has since used every trick available to avoid justice these past 23 years. Of course the number of Janner’s victims falls way short of John Demjanjuk’s alleged industrial like 28,000; but surely even defenders of Janner cannot support his latest trick of producing a sick note that puts him beyond justice in a way that Janner had previously declared unacceptable in Holocaust prosecutions.

Janner said:

It strikes me as both absurd and offensive that we should fail to strive for justice on behalf of the Holocaust’s victims because of legal complexities and reluctance to try ageing suspects

In July 2014 Janner claimed to have “dementia” but in May 2011 he wrote an article which should serve as a ‘living will’ by which he appeared to demand the investigation and prosecution of those such as himself, regardless of age or infirmity.

Or is it the case that only victims of Demjanjuk type Nazis are to be granted justice in these circumstances whereas victims of Janner type paedophiles are to be denied it?


[divider]Background story[/divider]

Labour peer escapes probe over 20 child sex claims because he is ‘suffering dementia’

Alleged victims of the Labour peer were boys in care homes but the member of the House of Lords will not be arrested

A Labour peer facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia.

The member of the House of Lords will not be interviewed or arrested by police investigating the alleged sexual assaults – which include claims of rape – on vulnerable boys in children’s homes.

One man said he was aged seven when the politician visited his care home and entertained him and the other youngsters there with magic tricks.

The suspect, who was the local MP at the time, then allegedly took him aside and sexually assaulted him.

His alleged victim claims he reported it to police but it was not properly investigated. He said: “That man humiliated me. He told me to undress and then fondled me. It scarred me for life. I complained previously and the police made a mess of it. But they are being very good now.”

Officers have compiled a dossier of more than 20 complaints against the peer, who was previously accused of child abuse more than two decades ago.

At the time, the serving MP agreed to be interviewed by police and a file was passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions, but no charges were ever brought.

Another police investigation into similar allegations is ongoing and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Sources confirmed the peer would not be questioned after two doctors examined him and concluded he was unfit.

A police spokesman said the decision was taken for “operation reasons” and added: “The inquiry has had a number of individuals who have come forward and made complaints. We are investigating their allegations, and providing them with professional support.”


The Scottish newspaper the Daily Record C&P the story from the Mirror; both papers are owned by Trinity Group.

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