The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer

If you liked the post “Gee, when I broke into this computer…” then you will like this post that I have decided to reproduce from HHN, and which actually originated from myself. It is titled: The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer.
I’ve made some minor changes and added two notes, but other than those changes it’s all very much like the original. Do keep in mind that these photographs are from a webcam in 2003 or 2003, so the quality is poor beyond belief, by default. It’s pretty hilarious and it’s my humour in a nutshell 

The desperate holocaust believer was at the time of this episode living in Chicoutimi, Canada. Good fun, it was!

What’s your reaction?

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Funny as hell, never seen a conversation like this before, with photographs to match and which could very likely « make you end up rolling on the floor laughing! » If you’re a ‘Holocaust Believer’ like this guy you might end up with the stick in the mouth and run off in-haste. 

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