Testing NodeBB on ‘Fretzchnid’

I’m currently resuming tests with NodeBB[1], a project which I only touched on a few months ago, but nothing of it bore any fruit. Now, however, I do plan to set up a small sized community for k0nsl.org which I dubbed ‘konsortium’.
However, on ‘Eicke’ I ran into issues:

So right now I’ve got it nominally running on ‘Fretzchnid’ which is a box mainly used for experimental projects / deployments. I’m awfully tired right now so I will continue with this tomorrow.
Feel free to have a look-see:


Addy: http://konsortium.k0nsl.org/

Over and out, friends.

1. A forum powered by node in development by designcreateplay, see: https://github.com/designcreateplay/NodeBB

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