Testing Cherokee Web Server

G’day folks (with Australian accent),

On my development server I’m today testing Cherokee. I am evaluating whether or not to deploy this on one of my servers. According to the few benchmarks I’ve seen this one holds up quite well. In fact, it’s performing really well. However I am going to test it throughout the evening to get a better understanding of the internals.

The admin interface — cherokee-admin — is well-done.


Click on the screenshot for better resolution.

I may have reason to get back to this subject depending on what the outcome will be from evaluating this software.


Right off the bat I can say that it works fine, but you have to actually edit server.py (located in: /usr/share/cherokee/) to be able to install “apps” (such as project trackers, blogs and more), therefore, change the following line:

CTK.init (host=”localhost”, port=int(scgi_port), sec_cookie=True, sec_submit=True)

To this:

CTK.init (host=”localhost”, port=int(scgi_port), sec_cookie=True, sec_submit=False)

That’s the only issue I’ve encountered so far with Cherokee. I may report more later, either as update to this post, or a completely new one might be crafted. Probably the former.

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