Test Mount of my Cuplex Kyros XT

Hi friends,

I decided to test mount my Aqua Computer Cuplex Kyros XT today because it was many years ago I touched watercooling now so I merely wanted to make sure I did nothing wrong when the real mounting on my ASRock Z77 Extreme4 comes along sometime tomorrow.

I tried it on a Asus P8B75-MLE board and it was easy as peas to mount, so I’ll have absolutely no problems when I do it tomorrow. Oh, I will have one problem tomorrow because my EK Dual Reservoir won’t fit in my Corsair C70, I have to cut out some metal pieces to make it fit properly. Unfortunately.

Here follows some photographs I took just a couple of minutes ago when I tested the block on the P8B75-MLE 


I can’t wait fast enough for this day to end. I’ve also bought 16GB of memory which should be here tomorrow 


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