Temporary Re-Design / Tester

Hacking WP-Themes Hacking WP-Themes

Well, don’t mind this theme, or this design, I’m just trying to modify a paid theme by the name of ExtraNews – to see if I could integrate most of my stuff into it within only some minutes, and it was almost possible. Some stuff needed to be rewritten, whilst some broke a bit.

Of course, I also had to remove the obligatory backdoors that comes with any nulled theme hehe 

It’s very easy to remove them, but can be a bit tedious if the theme contains many files (I always scrutinize all of them, what’s the point of removing backdoored code if you don’t look in all files?).

So I’ll probably revert to my standard design when I’ve had my four hours of sleep. AYe!


QUESTION: should I keep this design and modify it, or should I keep the old one? I know this question is only relevant to whoever saw the last one, so perhaps I’ll also ask; should I keep this design at all, how does it look so far & so on?

Personally I’m not 100% sold on it yet. But that’s probably because I’ve got loads to do before I am satisfied.

Plus, this nulled copy must have been a very early version because it’s quite buggy.

So…should I keep it? Feel free to comment.



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  1. didn’t see previous design so cannot judge on that point..! but i like this design except for the link-color schemes.

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