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Just a short entry. I finally found a web based IRC client that I’m actually satisfied with, the one I’m using is called KiwiIRC by Darren (alias “prawnsalad”) and requires node.js. Before that, I tried Subway and some others, but they were (IMHO) too bloated for my liking. So I ended up with KiwiIRC. Anyway, prawnsalad was very helpful too; because initially I ran into a couple of issues with regard to the configuration — I run my instance reverse proxied via nginx and it turned out that my version of nginx was a bit out of date and it didn’t like my proxy configuration for some weird reason. Easily fixed with an upgrade by compiling latest version! 

Also, a big thanks to mink of the Rizon Chat Network for granting me the courtesy of deploying my client on their network.

Feel free to join up and talk with me:


Please do keep in mind that this channel is not for the faint of hearth.



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