Why talk about Jews in films relating to different matters?

Today when I was browsing YouTube I came across a film titled Dresden – das Inferno (or Dresden Der Film) and in the comments I found one person saying something I perceived as wishing for material to be inserted where they show scenes of Germans killing Jews.

Now I could’ve got it all wrong and this person means the film already contains such scenes, and is tired of it. I have not watched the film yet so I have no idea. But I thought I’d make a comment about it any way so people who think just like me know they are NOT alone.

If there is something I understand it is this: people are genuinely tired of hearing the same braindead claims that Germans sought to kill Jews as according to an elaborate plan of extermination. The suffering of the Jew in Europe during WWII has been hopelessly exaggerated to such extents that one can’t take any of their claims seriously any longer. I believe people are more interested to hear what happened to their own brethren rather than claims from people who weren’t even supposed to exist in that area in the first instance.

So it goes.


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