Tag: Zionism

New IRC vHost + webpage

Just briefly: I obtained “zionism.de” for the sole purpose of creating a vHost for usage in IRC, and perhaps later, also use it for VPN purposes. A modest webpage was spawned as well, see: http://we.must.destroy.zionism.de/ The domain only cost me seven or eight bucks, so I said to myself and some of my pals “what

Running Varnish Cache, again.

I decided to give Varnish Cache another try now that I’ve isolated the back-end from the main web server for k0nsl.org, and it’s all working very fine so far. Took all of five minutes to install + the configuration edits. I’m going to be letting it run and monitor the various instances, logs and also the

Video: Shalom America!

Another cogent video by ANTHONY LAWSON. Time for Americans to see Israel and especially Zionism for what it is; a criminal enterprise bent on destroying our nations, corrupting us and especially our youth, indoctrinating us with filthy trash lies such as the “holocaust”. And more.