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How Do You Know When to Call Someone a Nazi?

In a comment on YouTube I quoted a document submitted by the prosecution [at Nuremberg] as E-168 (see references at the bottom), it reads like so: The senior camp medical officers must use every means at their disposal to reduce the death rate in the various camps considerably. The best medical officer in a concentration camp

Full Disclosure on My Video Clips

Hi, I wanted to ask my readership to evaluate some of the ‘videos’ I have crafted, in short: I would like to get full disclosure on them because, frankly, up until this day (to be exact: November 15) I have not gathered any particular feedback on them. Carlos Porter said he thought the video on Ariel Toaff was

Frühling dringt in den Norden: A Hate Song?

TEST. TEST. YouTube-discourse: The above song — Frühling dringt in den Norden — is according to the Federal Republic of Germany a blatant, racist, intolerant “hate song” ! If you have only general knowledge of the German language one immediately understands that this song is all BUT a so-called “hate song”. This song does not incite violence towards

Buy a Thai Woman from the Internet?

I sincerely hope that I did not offend some old fart with my comment, God forbid ! There’s even a movie — on YouTube — appropriately titled: Why Thai Women marry Foreign Men. You can search for it yourselves. Google has loads on this too    –k0nsl

America and Immigrants

YouTube discourses are rarely ever productive result-wise. But I engage in them just because sometimes I have time for such endeavours. As I say these type of engagements are rarely productive. They just go on & on endlessly despite challenges being issued — hopefully somebody will take it to heart. –k0nsl