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XtremeSystems Forums Curiosa

Yeah, and then they banned me! Without reason, of course. I sent them at least four e-mails over the period of three or four years asking why they decided to ban me — no response, ever. This is something they did just out of the blue. I always behaved courteous on their forum and followed their guidelines to the

How to Not Remove the IHS

This video details the procedure as to how one should never remove the integrated heat spreader of a CPU. Note how the poor guy’s hands are actually trembling because he realized that the CPU is more than likely damaged  What a tool (and yeah I hate that word just like you — but today it felt applicable

I’m banned at XtremeSystems Forums

Some days ago I discovered — to my great surprise — that I was banned at the net’s biggest and best overclocking Web Page (or forum, rather): XtremeSystems Forums (xtremesystems.org). The reason given? None. I e-mailed them several times, but was not even granted the courtesy of a reply. I suspect this ban is due for