Adolf Hitler – The greatest story NEVER told

The video above this text is the actual introductory clip to the documentary below. This documentary cover a lot of WWII history in a straightforward manner without the bitter lies which we have become so accustomed to via channels such as the History Channel, or any other channel — for that matter. All in all

Top List: Jewish Products in WWII

We all know the story, don’t we? The most evil people on the planet were the Germans and according to some people they still are the most evil people. It’s apparently okay to say this and get away with it. However, if we begin by looking at the facts one sees that this allegation is

Letter from Günter Deckert – To Be Jailed Again

Günter Deckert is not a criminal, even though he spent five years behind bars — merely for telling the truth about intrinsic bits of underlying history that we have come to know as “WWII History”. It is a crime in a host of countries to tell the truth about issues such as what happened to the Jews during