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Pancake and WordPress = Love

I have Pancake (see note #1) running successfully on “puff” now with WordPress, all working fine. So my next step is completing various comparisons between k0nsl-nginx, Apache and lighttpd so make a decision on my purposed usage of Pancake, to see if it’s viable. But these comparisons will be done in the coming days as

WordPress Challenge Pass?

I recently made a post at the WordPress Forums > http://wordpress.org/support/topic/challenge-passage?replies=2 In this topic I asked: I’m wondering if somebody has ever coded a challenge passage for WP? If you don’t know what a challenge passage is then let me explain really briefly: A challenge passage is something that locks down the entire site, similar to

Top 3 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins Q4 2012

Here’s my “Top 3 WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins” for Q4 2012:   AP HoneyPot WordPress Plugin  AP HoneyPot Plugin allows you to verify IP addresses of clients connecting to your blog against the Project Honey Pot database. Based on Jan Stępień‘s http:BL WordPress Plugin. Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin  The Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin checks against Spam Databases to to

k0nsl-retro In-Action

[box type=”info”] NEVERMIND, I reverted back. As I say, it’ll be used whenever I mirror the site completely.[/box] As you can tell, I’m testing my custom built — very ugly to most people — WP theme. It’s a very retro style for sure, it is reminiscent of my early days, unfortunately I think a lot of people

Another WP Retro Theme

I’m currently working on a very basic “retro style” WP theme. It’s just something for myself that I’m working on, but maybe I’ll publish it – although I wouldn’t understand why anybody would actually want to use it  The reason for making it is that I am experimenting with alternative designs I’ll use when the

Solving WordPress Comment Spam

Hi friends, If you own a WordPress based blog you’re more than likely aware and probably the victim of spam in all variations and forms. This could be somewhat of a pain to combat and takes a bit of experimenting to find the absolute best method to successfully deal with it. My measures simply boils

Free blog offer via kr0ked.net

I’m accepting requests from applicants  — or whoever, really — wishing to set up a blog somewhere. Well, I can offer this for free, even setting it up for you. You’ll apply for a subdomain on kr0ked.net, i.e http://you.are.kr0ked.net. Requests can be sent via this link: you merely include details on what type of blog