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Locking Down WordPress WP-Admin

I’m pretty sure every WordPress [1] user out there has read much about different ways to limit access to the WordPress administration back-end (WP-Admin), and many of them are certainly good. My way is quite simple, although it most likely has a couple of penalties and some pitfalls I’m not yet aware of, but I

Hide Google+ Goobly Gook from WP-Jetpack

I was annoyed with the injection of my Google+ details beneath every post when I activated the ‘Google+ Profile’ option in the WordPress plugin Jetpack [1] and couldn’t find any option to actually hide it entirely or change it’s placement. So I hacked it away, effectively hiding it, using a simple divider. Like so: You

I’m using Redis now

I decided to temporarily ditch my traditional caching system in favour of Redis [1] and so far I’ve not encountered any negativities (touch on wood). I was supposed to have tinkered with this many months ago but other things got into the way for me so I never bothered following up on it, until now… I feel it is

WordPress: CloudFlare-Country-Login

This snippet allows us to tap into the CF_IPCountry [1] header and determine if this country is allowed to login. We put allowed countries into the array situated in the cf_country_login() function. Put this snippet into your theme’s functions.php and you’re all done, but don’t forget to first edit $urel and the default array of

k0nsl Short URLs Plugin

I decided that the API for knsl.net should be open for anybody and not just exclusively k0nsl.org, therefore I have crafted a plugin for this purpose, and it’s based on the source of GentleSource Short URL plugin, with some minimal refinements in the code (not much so far). So, if you’re in need of a short

Fixing WordPress Categories

I’ve seen a lot of entries around the Web about people “loosing” their categories after restoring a backup [note #1 and #2]. Well, I somehow encountered something similar and this is how I solved it. I will keep this short — as I do most of the time.   For starters, check your web server

I’m Now Mirrored at GitHub

Yesterday I looked into converting the blog to Jekyll for better performance and all the other benefits, but ended up merely doing a storage/holder [or mirror] on GitHub for most of the posts and pages located on the master blog [i.e k0nsl.org] and the conversion process went quite well with no hiccups to talk about.