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Gondor & The Workstation

I’m just posting two pictures, one of Gondor: my pit bull puppy, I also named one of my servers “Gondor”, see http://gondor.holocaust-news.com – that server has been online since 67 days approximately. You could say I’m a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works, and naturally the “filmatization” of his works, or some of it  So

Getting back in watercooling

I’ve decided to get back into the world of watercooling next month. I already have the most vital parts here: https://twitter.com/#!/k0nsl/status/170603409739747329/photo/1/large   Block: Swiftech Storm Radiator: Thermochill   And one smaller radiator for the chipset. I have one brand new pump, Laing and one other (used merely a month) that I’ll use :-) I can’t