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Varnish not playing nice

As most of my readers know I’ve been caught up with improving the server the last couple of weeks and I’ve had great success with much of it. Most recantly I’ve played with Varnish — which no doubt worked very well — but up to now things took another turn and I seemed to get

Varnish Update

As I wrote in this post there were some issues with Varnish in the WP-Admin area. These seem to be gone now, more or less. I’m still testing to see if everything is working, so far I can: add posts edit posts change theme options That’s what I’ve tried so far. Installing plugins and themes should

Varnish now deployed on Gondor

Hi friends, My initial impressions of Varnish are all positive so far. I can’t believe I’ve not given it much thought earlier The configuration syntax reminds me a lot about Squid, which I have a lot of experience with in both the olden days and presently — mostly using it to proxy. Today I’m spending

Testing Varnish on Gondor

I’m currently testing Varnish on Gondor and so far it looks like it might be used fully on production basis for the server. I’m making the ultimate decision on this tonight.   On another note, it seems like the visual editor is gone again (TinyMCE). I remember the procedure of fixing this from another incident,