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The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

Were 900,000 Jews “gassed” at Treblinka?

Were 3.9 Million “Steamed to Death” in “steam chambers” there too, as according to Nuremberg trial “evidence”?

The official “Holocaust” story is that Treblinka II is the largest mass burial site in the entire world, where the Germans gassed 900,000 Jews in 13 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.”

“Holocaust Deniers” or “Holocaust Revisionists” claim there’s no evidence for that, and tales of “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” stories are wartime atrocity fiction, similar to previously debunked claims about Jews being made into soap and lampshades.

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax debunks Zionist British Archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls’ fraudulent “investigation” of Treblinka, which included digging near clearly marked Christian graves claiming to find new “hidden mass graves”, falsely assigning homicidal intent to a normal life-saving shower room at Majdanek, and misidentifying a terra-cotta tile excavated at Treblinka as belonging to the floor of a homicidal “gas chamber.”

Free yourself from a lifetime of brainwashing about “Six Million” Jews “gassed” in “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms”-

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Both of Eric Hunt’s recent documentaries are mirrored at k0nsl.org and can be freely downloaded:



The Awaited Debunking of Holocaust Controversies

Holocaust Controversies Holocaust Controversies

I found this announcement via Charles Traynor at RODOH, but I did get the news item already in my mailbox this morning and I instantly shared it with my friends. I will re-post the announcement on my blog.
The early version of this work — which I engulfed several months ago — counted some 1480 pages, not counting the appendix. So enjoy, friends!

The long awaited revisionist rebuttal of the HC crews Operation Reinhard White Paper has just been released.

In late 2011, several members of the exterminationist Holocaust Controversies blog published a 570 page-long online study titled Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard. With it they claim to refute three revisionist monographs on these three alleged extermination camps.

This lengthy orthodox critique has forced the criticized revisionist authors to get back to the drawing board. Finally, after 20 months of arduous work by both the authors and the peer reviewers and editors involved, the results has finally been released to the public as a 1554 pages long PDF file!

This work has occupied the most knowledgeable revisionists for a year and more. It has led to the postponement of numerous other projects, including a number of other books of the Holocaust Handbooks series slated for publication. Today’s leading revisionists consider this their ultimate response and final word on the subject. (And we all should hope so, because what would be next: a study comprising 5,000 pages?)

This definitive revisionist work on the alleged extermination camps of the so-called “Aktion Reinhardt” reveals in hundreds of cases that the Holocaust Controversies bloggers have plagiarized many sources and that many, if not most of their factual claims are mere conjectures, distortions, falsifications, hypocrisies, lies, misrepresentations, unfounded speculations, and blatant omissions of facts.

You can read more about this book here at CODOH – AND you can download this gargantuan work there as well – for free, of course, as usual.

Source: http://codoh.com/library/document/3052
Read the actual rebuttal in PDF: http://codoh.com/sites/default/files/downloads/28-tecoar-long.pdf
Discussion: http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8145

It is game over for the ‘intellectual midgets’, that’s to say: Harrison, Muehlenkamp, Myers, Romanov and Terry


Video: Holocaust Revisionism

“Holocaust Revisionism” is a sub-eleven minute video created by Patrick Willis (“Snordster”) which eloquently describes the main tenants of the Holocaust ideology and the core position of the people who oppose — with factual argumentation — this Holocaust ideology, the so-called Holocaust Revisionists [1].

On the traditional view, the Holocaust was the deliberate murder of some 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime during World War II. Hitler’s intention all along was to kill the Jews, and many died in specially-constructed gas chambers. The corpses were burned in crematoriums, and the ashes scattered. Some of the most infamous extermination camps—Treblinka, Sobibór, Bełżec—were completely dismantled and have all but vanished, as have the remains of the victims.

Revisionists believe, on the other hand, that there was never an intention to kill the Jews; rather, the Nazis simply wanted them out of Germany. They believe that there were no homicidal gas chambers, and that the number of Jews who died during the war, from all causes, comes to less than 1 million—and perhaps only 500,000 or so.

Traditionalists call revisionists “Holocaust deniers,” because, they say, the revisionists deny that the Holocaust happened. But this is obviously a misleading claim. Revisionists accept that Hitler wanted a Germany free of Jews, and that he forcibly removed many of them, seized their property, and sent many others to labour camps. They also accept that Hitler knew that many Jews would die in the process. Depending on your definition, this could certainly count as a “holocaust.” Revisionists do deny, however, that 6 million died, and they do deny that the Nazis constructed homicidal gas chambers. They do not deny that a tragedy happened to the Jews, nor do they deny that many thousands of them died.


So, how can the average person begin to check these claims, to see where the truth lies? Start with the “6 million” figure. How plausible, in general, is this number? The war in Europe ran for roughly 2,000 days (or 5½ years: Sept 1939 to April 1945). If the Germans killed 6 million Jews, then they must have averaged 3,000 per day—every day, 365 days a year, for five and a half straight years. And of course they also must have burned, buried, or otherwise disposed of those same 3,000 bodies per day. This fact, in itself, seems highly implausible, especially given all the other urgencies of war.

But isn’t the “6 million” figure documented in hundreds of history books? The number itself is, but not the details. Given all we supposedly know about this event, one would expect that there would be a clear and concise breakdown of the number, showing roughly where, and how, 6 million died. Experts like Raul Hilberg claim that there are three main categories of deaths: camps (primarily the 6 main “death camps”), shootings, and ghettos. So, the experts should be able to show us how many died in camps, how many by shooting, and how many in the ghettos—such that the numbers add up to 6 million. But they cannot do this. The reader is invited to look at any mainstream published source for this information; it does not exist. One can find numbers individually for each camp, or each ghetto, but virtually never any total to 6 million. This strongly implies that there are serious problems with the overall picture.

Furthermore, the “6 million” number has a history that long precedes WWII. One can find various accounts of “6 million suffering Jews” as far back as the 1860s. In major newspapers like the New York Times and the Times of London we find about 2 dozen occurrences of that number in the six decades before Hitler even came to power (in 1933). And it shows up another 2 dozen times before the end of the war—a miracle if it were true. This all suggests that the number was more symbolic than factual.

Please watch and share elsewhere.


YouTube naturally deleted the video. Sorry.

I found a replacement copy of the video. So I have updated the post with a working video. In addition to that, I have also saved a copy locally. You can discuss this video at the CODOH Revisionist Forum, in the following topic:

Thanks to Steve F for clearing up the issue as to whom is the real author of the video. It wasn’t Anthony Lawson, nor was it Thomas Dalton…it was “Snordster”!


Siegfried Verbeke’s German Holocaust booklet

 Auschwitz: Fakten versus FiktionDer Holocaust und die Wissenschaft.

Published by Siegfried Verbeke siegfriedverbeke@hotmail.com 


The glossy cover of this 54-page booklet features a US Air Force aerial photograph taken of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 31 May 1944 when allegedly 6-20 thousand Jews were gassed and burned and thick smoke billowed forth from the chimney covering the whole campsite – so according to eye-witness testimony. The back cover features a photo of the Auschwitz-Birkenau German-language plaque with the 4 million figure for the period 1940-45. In 1990 these 20 plaques were removed and in Spring 1995 they were replaced with a lower figure, that of 1-1.5 million deaths. The question is asked, is it not legitimate to rehabilitate those individuals who up to then were heavily fined and imprisoned for denying the 4 million deaths figure at Auschwitz? And what about those Germans who were sentenced to death by the International Military Tribunal on the 4 million figure?

The introduction is a racy one-page overview of how the ‘Holocaust’ has been used to destroy German society and how, for example, Fred Leuchter was arrested at the German TV studio even before he had a chance of saying anything at all.

Witness statements taken from soldiers are ridiculed because such ‘confessions’ were extracted under force, as is proven by one of many photos.

Trials against German soldiers were farcical, for example the 1950 trial against SS officer O Hoppe who had 130 witnesses testify against him that he was involved in the shooting of prisoners at Buchenwald concentration camp, something that 16 years later was proven to be an outright lie. Many forged photographs were also used to bolster the ‘Holocaust’ story.

[Interestingly, such fabrication of alleged facts is currently playing itself out  at another level within the German media between historian Joachim Fest and long-time literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki. The latter is fabricating stories (outright lying, like currently the Norman Finkelstein allegation against Alan Dershowitz – though in this case it appears that Dershowitz is the liar.) about Fest because Fest was involved in the latest film about Hitler: Speer und Er, something that Reich-Ranicki (Scheusal!), the so-called literary ‘Holocaust’ enforcer in Germany, cannot accept without inferring baser motives on Fest’s part.  The fact that Fest helped write Albert Speer’s book, and that Speer’s claim that he did not know anything about the gassings/‘Holocaust’, is for Reich-Ranicki a lie, which serves to hide Fest’s true intentions – of wishing to whitewash Hitler and the National Socialists. The issue is explored inDer Spiegelwww.spiegel.de No 25, 20 June 2005, and it is instructive here to read the full article because it clearly illustrates that the current argument on the ‘Holocaust’ rests on the assumption/premise that “it did happen”.  This point indicates how shaky the foundations of the ‘Holocaust’story are, and why it is imperative that Revisionists be silenced. When I visited Albert Speer in his Heidelberg home during the 1970s, he said the same thing to me – then added that he still accepted the guilt that flowed from an acceptance of the extermination story. It looks as if Fest will stand firm against the Scheusal!

The booklet focuses on the German concentration camps where eyewitness evidence about their nature began to contradict itself. The situation about the alleged extermination camps in Poland is similarly portrayed– Belzec, Treblinka, Auschwitz.

Udo Walendy and John Ball are just two researchers who have pushed the Revisionist boundaries further towards factual truth. Robert Faurisson’s basic research of 1978-79 was confirmed by Fred Leuchter in 1988 during the Ernst Zündel Toronto Holocaust trial, and by Germar Rudolf in 1991. The overview of Auschwitz is concise with a colour page in the middle of the booklet featuring a number of photographs. There is the Auschwitz I mortuary claimed to be a gas chamber, that even in 1996 van Pelt/Dwork de-commissioned as ever having been a homicidal gas chamber; the alleged roof vents through which Zyklon B is supposed to have been thrown – so according to eyewitness testimony! There is a photo of the swimming pool that in the latest book on Auschwitz is passed off as a fire pond [Laurence Rees: Auschwitz. The Nazis & The ‘Final Solution’, BBC Books, 2005 – ISBN 0 563 52117 1This book’s dedication reads: IN MEMORY OF 1.1 MILLION MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN WHO DIED AT AUSCHWITZ]; two small photos feature Germar Rudolf chipping away at the stained and non-stained walls collecting samples, and more.

Daniel Goldhagen is called a successful spreader of lies, while Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List, serves to illustrate how fiction is sold as factual truth, but remains pure German hatred propaganda.

The Wannsee Protocol is still deemed to be the document that proves the beginnings of the extermination process – something that is absolute nonsense – unlike with the International Red Cross Report where the fact that the IRC did not report any extermination is held to be proof that it happened. The Einsatzgruppen murders allegations are raised and the question asked: What happened to the Jews? – and the numbers game begins where the difficulty faced by those who believe in the six million deaths how to explain that over four million individuals have made compensation claims on the Germans.

And then towards the very end there is an admission: there was a Holocaust, that of German cities, the Wilhelm Gustloff, the hatred against Germans as propagated by Kaufmann, the brutality that befell German women as they trekked westwards out of east Germany, etc.

A final double page lists most of the important German Revisionist books available from Verbeke.

Read This Book (PDF)



Adelaide Institute | k0nsl archives




One Third Of The Holocaust

ONE THIRD OF THE HOLOCAUST: A holocaust denial movie, in 30 episodes, on the subject of Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec. Repeatedly banned at Youtube.

This video has been archived here with permission from the author.

Episode 1: Introduction

The death camps Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec made up nearly 1/3 of the holocaust. Episode 1 explains what they were.

Download this episode..

Episode 2: Water Well

On the map we see a water well surrounded by burial pits. The water well would have been contaminated. The storytellers didn’t think of that.

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Episode 3: Haircut

If you’re going to get off a train, and get gassed within the hour, and then thrown into a pit; what is the point of a haircut? Yet that’s part of the story.

Download this episode..

Episode 4: Engine Exhaust

Engine exhaust seems like the best way to make carbon monoxide gas, if you’re not a chemist, that is.

Download this episode..

Episode 5: Nuremberg

Wasn’t the holocaust completely documented at Nuremberg? Yes it was. If you consider 20 minutes of courtroom time a thorough documentation of 1.5 million deaths.

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Episode 6: Gassing Building

We look at a model of the gassing building that supposedly killed nearly the population equivalent to San Francisco, and find it odd that the building entrance didn’t even have a set of double doors.

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Episode 7: Abraham Bomba

The featured witness for Treblinka at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum says something very odd: that the Germans disguised the gas chambers as a kind of hair salon, complete with professional barbers. As he says: “…make to believe that they’re getting a nice haircut.”

Download this episode..

Episode 8: Eliyahu Rosenberg

A Treblinka witness at the Eichmann trial in 1961 makes some mistakes on the witness stand.

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Episode 9: Reader’s Digest

An article in February 1943 first brought the holocaust story to mainstream America. The article also mentioned six million–an uncanny number to throw out since the supposed fact hadn’t happened yet.

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Episode 10: Experiments

Ridiculous experiments the Germans wouldn’t have done. One of the most prestigious holocaust scholars writes: “Incendiary bombs were tried, but these caused large fires in the surrounding woods.” Uh, OK…

Download this episode..

Episode 11: Treblinka Burial Space

We use 3-D modeling to show that the burial space at Treblinka is too small. Way too small. The storytellers figured a few large pits would suffice for 700,000 bodies.

Download this episode..

Episode 12: Belzec Burial Space

It’s too small also, and we use the Rose Bowl Stadium during the Rose Bowl Game to show that. Watch episode 11 first or this chapter won’t make sense.

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Episode 13: Sobibor Burial Space

Let’s put it this way, you can’t bury the equivalent to the stadium spectators of the Rose Bowl Game in two pits not much bigger than the chicken coop, and then sentence someone to life imprisonment based on “the evidence.” Something just isn’t right.

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Episode 14: Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation and Sobibor witness Alexander Pechersky.

Excerpt: “This young black man might be thinking that the slavery that happened to his ancestors is nothing compared to the holocaust. Except what happened to his ancestors really happened.”

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Episode 15: Rain, Wind, Fire, and Ice

If this isn’t the title of a metal song, then it should be.

There’s some elements that the storytellers forgot about. Outdoor cremation fires in the middle of winter, for instance, might work better if they had a roof over them. You know, for when it rained and stuff.

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Episode 16: Escape Tunnel

At Sobibor they tried to dig an escape tunnel. They could only dig down 5 feet because they said there was a danger of striking water past that. One problem the storytellers forgot about: the burial pits are described as 23 feet deep.

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Episode 17: Belzec Chronicles

A few Belzec-related stories weaved together. Most people would probably agree that barbed wire with tree branches propped into it is not a great example of good design for a security fence in a death camp. We comment on Josef Oberhauser and Rudolf Reder.

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Episode 18: Physical Evidence part 1

Why we know more about a tsunami that hit in the year 1700 than what’s underground at Treblinka. We also look at some excerpts from the movie “Mr. Death.”

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Episode 19: Physical Evidence part 2

Admittedly, mixing holocaust denial with an episode of the 70’s tv show Charlie’s Angels seems odd, at first glance that is.

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Episode 20: Soviets Arrive at Treblinka

Holocaust historians copiously write about what the Soviets found when they took over Auschwitz, but strangely omit what the Soviets found when they took over Treblinka. Why is that? Also, when Professor Boder went to Europe after the war to document the holocaust, he was likely surprised at what people had to say.

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Episode 21: Destoying Evidence: Treblinka Compared to Auschwitz

At Treblinka they supposedly destroyed all traces that the camp ever existed. They even tore up the railroad tracks leading to the camp. But at Auschwitz they left 7 tons of human hair and 7,000 Jewish inmate eyewitnesses waiting to speak to the Soviets. Why is that?

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Episode 22: A Doctor Testifies

No one informed Dr. Berman that the Germans purportedly left Treblinka without leaving a trace. Thus his story of the “10’s of thousands of little shoes of little children” is problematic.

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Episode 23: Lamb

Excerpt: “We’re going to cremate a leg of lamb at the beach as a way to better understand the outdoor cremation process.”

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Episode 24: Bone Crushing

It looks like three flowers on a football field, but a half-time show it’s not.

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Episode 25: The Flammable Fence (the Germans wouldn’t have had)

They burned a “B as in Bruce” quarter Billion pounds of wood in an area enclosed by a tree branch fence. Hmmm.

Treblinka had two fences. This was the inner fence.

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Episode 26: Treblinka’s Outer Fence

No tanks are going to get into this camp! What with the anti-tank obstacles surrounding it. But does that make sense? Wouldn’t the large gun mounted on the front of a tank make it unneccessary for the tank to need to enter the camp?

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Episode 27: Confessing Germans part 1: Kurt Gerstein

SS Officer Kurt Gerstein presented himself to his French captors as a very important eyewitness–one of a handful of people who had seen Belzec. Presenting himself as valuable was a strategy for staying alive.

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Episode 28: Confessing Germans part 2: Adolf Eichmann, Franz Suchomel

Adolf Eichmann purposely said the most ridiculous things in his 1961 trial. And the reporters at the New York Times amazingly believed him. It’s amazing what people will believe when evil is in the equation.

Download this episode..

Episode 29: Book: Treblinka by Alexander Donat

It’s a book respected by holocaust historians. Nevermind that the author has a story to top his peers: that he and his wife survived 9 death camps. We also look at the following question: “What happened to the Jews of Europe? Did they just disappear out of thin air?” We look at it, and answer it.

Download this episode..

Episode 30: Conclusion

Teaching “Tolerance” is great.

Suggestion: Use real examples.

Like the American Indians. You don’t need to use a lie-example, when there’s plenty of real examples.

We conclude by looking at how the belief in the holocaust leads to unfair United States foreign policy in the Middle East, and from that, what Americans then spend their time reading about in the newspapers.

Download this episode..


The links in this post are at the time of writing all non-functional. I had no time to manage “Holocaust History News” any longer, plus it needed a complete rewrite because the software used as its platform was a security hazard.
However! If you want to download “One Third Of The Holocaust” (OTOH) please do so by downloading this package:



Holocaust summary

Ten thousand museums, ten thousand “survivor” eyewitness testimonies, ten thousand TV documentaries, ten thousand Hollywood movies and ten thousand newspaper and magazine articles would not make a lie a truth.

The promoters of the orthodox story would be wise to bulldoze Auschwitz rather than preserve it, for the forensic evidence that is there has been a bonanza for the revisionists.

Holocaust evidence

Most persons might think that the Holocaust story is founded on solid, rock hard evidence. Something like we might expect to find established at a murder trial in a court of law. An investigation of the scene of the crime, a forensic study of any physically related factor, a murder weapon, a body. For the Holocaust story, one that claims 12,000,000 murder victims, all that is borderline none existent.

Ninety nine percent (99%) of Holocaust evidence is based on ex-prisoner “survivor” accounts and SS confessions.

Forensic investigations of allegedly known scenes of the crime, bodies or remains of bodies and scientific feasibility studies not necessary to document an extermination of 12,000,000 persons.

All it takes to make a Holocaust ‘fact’ for something so epic as say an alleged vast spinning industry at an alleged “extermination” camp in Poland that used hair from gassed victims and was even bigger than all the production in Germany would be one sentence in one lone confession.

Not one single product from hair, no orders for any machinery, no shipping records of any kind, no corroborating testimony, nothing except the one sentence by one lone source is automatically cast out to world as an epic Holocaust fact. Another example of a Holocaust fact would be a one paragraph statement by one lone former prisoner saying 18,000 Jews were shot all in one day and buried in the ground. Nothing else is needed. Even though the prisoner declaration gives exactly where all the bodies were buried then dug up, cremated and reburied no forensic excavation was ever performed, the witness was never asked to show the scene of the crime, only words on a piece of paper with a name attached makes for a huge Holocaust fact that 18,000 people were shot.

As for the essence of Holocaust evidence consider these extracted introductions from the – ‘Central Commission For Investigation Of German Crimes In Poland’ 1946

Chelmno – 300,000 Jews were allegedly exterminated:

“The extermination camp at Chelmno was a typical death camp, i.e. a place designed exclusively for killing all who were brought there […]only a very few people in Poland ever knew of its existence and the hundreds of thousands of its victims. According to the evidence of three witnesses who succeeded in escaping from the camp of Chelmno), as well as that of Polish witnesses drawn from the population of the neighbourhood who had seen records,[…] the following preparatory phases in the process of mass extermination can be distinguished.”

Treblinka – where from 700,000 to 2,000,000 Jews were allegedly exterminated:

“The evidence on which this account relies is in the first place the testimony of 13 Jews, former prisoners at Treblinka, who succeeded in escaping during the armed revolt of August 2, 1943. Their names are:…”

As an example of how contradictory Holocaust accounts can be we have these night and day tales –

The extermination camp Treblinka was still in operation when the Russians took over.

“When the Russians took over the Treblinka complex and the nearly dead survivors had recovered sufficiently to communicate, the tales that they poured out were not limited to the horrors they had endured.”

The extermination camp Treblinka was destroyed before the Russians took over.

“After the uprising, on August 18 and 19, 1943, another two transports slated for extermination arrived in Treblinka, bringing Jews from Bialystok. Shortly afterwards the Germans destroyed the gas chambers and the other installations that remained after the revolt, and with that put an end to the camp. […]In order to cover up the crime, a farm-house was built on the site of the camp, trees were planted, and a Ukrainian peasant was employed to guard the deserted place.”

The first account goes on to tell the reader that all sorts of material evidence was found, including records, people in cattle cars and instruments of death and torture. The source for that account would be from one of a number of initial Soviet reports put out just after the war, some even before the war was over and only days after they took over some camps. Because the reports made claims with such reckless disregard they created the probability that the world might come to ask in the future, ‘Show us’. Hence, the story had to be changed into the second account so there would be no need to produce proof of anything claimed in the first. As we can see, the second account tells us the place was totally dismantled and covered over which would explain why there would be no physical evidence.

Much of the Holocaust evidence presented in books now days is based on ‘survivor’ testimony and SS confessions devised years, even decades after the war. The whole evolution of the ever changing Holocaust accounts is a process of damage control.

For an ideal phrase to describe the methodology of Holocaust documentation we have – deus ex machina – Random House Dictionary:

1.”a god who resolves the entanglements of the play by his super natural forces”.
2.”an artificial, forced or improbable device used to resolve the difficulties of a plot”.


All it takes to be a “survivor” is to have been a Jew living in the war zone. A survivor need not have spent any time in any kind of camp. The number of alleged “survivors” can range up to 800,000. Currently a project funded by U.S. tax dollars is engaged in amassing the tales of 50,000 “survivors” to stand as further proof of a Holocaust reality. None of these ‘witnesses’ will ever be subjected to outside questioning by doubtful parties to see if they are telling truths or lies.

Revising an improbable plot too obviously improbable

At one time a plaque outside the Auschwitz compound in Poland said 4,000,000 persons had died at the camp. Now the plaque says 1 to 1 1/2 million. The new figures are said to have been sought after starting in 1979 and arrived at in 1985, yet the official announcement wasn’t made until 1993, giving Holocaust propagandists time to pen new accounts so the number would still be 6,000,000 Jews. We can recognize if the 3 million has been subtracted from the original 4 million then that 2 1/2 to 3 million never were in the first place.

The reason the number had to be reduced is because trying to maintain the 4,000,000 number was too stressful under the rising tide of inquiring minds. While current claims are still way out there the 4,000,000 number so sorely stressed accounting for cremation rates, fuel consumption, chamber capacities, transportation etc. it had to be lowered. Like throwing cargo off a ship to keep it from sinking or taking some straw off the camel’s back.

Too much real documentation forces a rewrite

Up until about the middle of the 1950s concentration camps located on German soil were the focus of mass extermination propaganda. Such places as Buchenwald, Dachau, Mathausen and Bergen Belsen were documented as the primary centers where hundreds of thousands unto millions of Jews were gassed. Then came 1960 when it was quietly announced unchallenged that there were no gassings carried out at any camps located on German soil and thus with the deletion of that myth so went the hundreds of thousands unto millions of victims into the realms of never were and so too at the same time was the tacit admittance all the documented evidence was a lie.

The infamous photos of piles of emaciated bodies so widely published were taken at these camps and presented to the public in context with statements and inferences that they were the victims of gassings and intentional starvation. The reality is they were the victims of the total break down of German capacity to supply the camps with the vital needs that they had so diligently done for years before the last few months of the war. Most of the prisoners that died did so after the Allies took over. As the Russians and Allies closed in on Germany that nation came under continuous devastating attack by aerial saturation bombing.

All one has to do is look at war-time photographs of places like Dresden and Hamburg to see how utterly incapacitated the nation was.

The reason why the above camps had to be deleted from the extermination story is because they were liberated by the Allies that were open to allowing journalistic visitation with hundreds of photographs taken and thus resulting in documentation that could not be credibly used to sustain allegations of mass extermination. On the other hand, the camps in Poland were taken by the Soviets that would not allow anyone, including the Allies into the areas and it is those camps that the story is focused on now. Like the appearance of the telescope might belay rumours the moon is made of cheese by viewing the bright side, the rumour shifts to the cheese being on the dark side.

Too much improbable requires renaming the script

A German “Master Plan” for extermination was at one time the popular major phrase used in Holocaust literature. ‘The Holocaust was the result of a well thought out intentional premeditated Master Plan.’ During the last decade the traditional propagandists have been backing away en masse from the once popular phrase having to now resort to proposing elaborate schemes to explain how it all came about. The reason would be because of the rising retrospect study and challenges by doubtful researchers. Because the story is like a stew cooked by multiple chefs that didn’t know exactly what each other was adding we end up with a stew with no logical recipe. Every aspect of the story, every single detail the sole result of individual fantasies pieced together.

Not just 6,000,000 but 12,000,000

Exemplifying the blatant nature of Holocaust propagandists is their claiming there were 6 million non-Jews also exterminated. This would not take into account any of the military loses. Evidently this is to take the edge off the obvious nature that the Holocaust story is basically a Jewish story and to show there is some concern for non-Jews.

Even though there may be hundreds of books that tell us about Jewish loses there is not one single book giving us the details about this other 6 million.

The only thing that the public is given is the wording in any particular sentence that claims the additional number. One sentence here and there makes for a Holocaust fact that 6,000,000 were exterminated.

Camp locations – on Main Street

As an extension of their answer to question No.12 under Responses to Revisionist Arguments, “Didn’t Simon Wiesenthal himself state that there were no extermination camps in Germany?” the Website of the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance will tell us that all the “extermination” camps were located in Poland because of the “remoteness of Poland’s rural areas”. In actuality all but one were located right in the area of Polish civilian populations. The mother of them all, Auschwitz, was located right among a number of Polish villages including a town of 20,000. Majdanek was situated just outside of Lublin a major Polish city right on the outskirts of the
suburbs and only a couple of hundred yards away from a Polish neighbourhood. Another camp is identified as having existed just outside of a town and located on the side of a hill that rose 120 feet above the countryside like a reverse amphitheatre with Polish houses and commercial facilities right at the bottom. The mass grave where 600,000 are said to have been buried, dug up, cremated and reburied was at the very top, the fires raging there for months on end.

The gas, or more correctly “gas”

Most people might have the idea that the “gas” used to exterminate Jews was some special lethal agent chosen by central planning, packaged and shipped to the camps for exterminations. Two basic agents for mass exterminations are identified in Holocaust literature. One is carbon monoxide (CO) and the other is hydrogen cyanide (HCN). The CO is said to have been introduced as fumes from the exhausts of various engines captured from the Soviets. According to different testimonies, confessions whatever, the engines were from captured tanks, trucks, cars and/or even submarine and airplane engines. Poetically almost all the tales specify the engines as Diesel. Whereas gasoline engines produce high amounts of CO, Diesel engines produce very low amounts. There are no case histories of persons being overcome with Diesel fumes whereas those about gasoline engines are legion. The story specifying Diesel fumes over gasoline is like saying the bow and arrow is more effective than a gun. Another term for that Holocaust gas is ‘exhausts’.

The other agent is HCN said to have been derived from fumigation pellets that were used extensively throughout the European war theatre as a front line defense against typhus carrying lice. The Allies used DDT. The pellets were a commercial product known as Zyklon B designed to release the poisonous agent slowly over a period of hours. Sort of like powerful moth balls. Typical Holocaust tales say people in gas chambers would succumb in 5 to 15 minutes which means most of the HCN agent would still have been in the pellets after the alleged gassings. Typhus was a major problem in the camps and propagandists have to acknowledge that many fumigation facilities were at the camps for that reason, which would be why the stuff Zyklon B was there in the first place.

The story of the first use of the fumigation pellets was given by a one time commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, who said he had gone away on a trip to return and find out that his second in command (killed during the war and not around to corroborate) had taken it on his own to try it out on some Soviet POWs and he, Höss, subsequently took to using it as the agent of mass extermination at that camp. With this tale of personal initiatives, with no accounting of orders coming from any high command we have a good example of how the story developed by way of testimonies and in such a haphazard way.

Going by that, the infamous “gas” (fumigation pellets) came to be used just because they happened to be laying around.

Gas chambers

For the identification and description of gas chambers there are two basic modes. For such places as Majdanek and Auschwitz, which were really camps, actual buildings that existed are identified as having been the installations of mass extermination. For other places as Treblinka, Bełżec and Sobibór where 1944 aerial reconnaissance photos show absolutely no traces of anything ever having been there descriptions of gas chambers are exclusively founded on tales from alleged former prisoners or SS confessions.

At Auschwitz there were five installations identified as having been Crematorium, buildings with a combined capacity to gas and cremate. A number of photographs are in existence which show the buildings as they were, complete with photos as they were being constructed, all taken by the Germans themselves. The Germans left the plans behind after evacuating the camp. Only scant traces of these buildings are in existence today. Holocaust propaganda founded on eyewitness accounts will tell us the Germans destroyed the installations in order to cover up the crime yet a number of aerial photo reconnaissance shots taken by the Allies indicates the Soviets were the ones that finished off the buildings after they took over.

For the gas chambers at the other places descriptions are totally dependent on tales resulting in a pot pourri of discordant accounts. Just for one camp we can have 2, 6 or 10 chambers, chambers with one door or two, floors that are sloped or floors that are not, chambers that could hold 800 or 300, chambers on wheels and other imaginations.

Accounts of gas chamber dimensions and the number of victims in each load can have up to 6 people per square foot.

Mass Graves

Most people might have the idea that all the Holocaust victims were gassed and then directly cremated. For the most part this is not the case. We are told the Germans first buried millions of victims and then realized they better dig them up and cremate them. The story is saturated with tales of mass graves, the ‘witnesses’ giving exact or reasonably exact locations where they were either by verbal description or by maps drawn. Anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of bodies in each one yet not one single ‘eyewitness’ was ever asked to ‘Show us the scene of the crime’. Whether or not the bodies were left in the graves or exhumed, cremated and then reburied there would be, and still would be, sufficient evidence to show it was all true but no forensic excavations were ever ordered by any Tribunal, court or whatever and thus none ever undertaken. Taking into account the numbers of bodies said to have been buried in a specified area the mathematical conclusion defies the laws of nature.


Along with gas chambers, the cremation of bodies is the utmost foremost highlight of the Holocaust story.

Without a doubt the only thing the general public ever hears or sees about this cremation aspect is that the bodies were cremated in ovens whereas research into the details of the story reveals that 80% of the bodies are said to have been cremated with wood in pits or over grates made of railroad tracks. Going by the dimensions and descriptions for cremating bodies over rail tracks the mathematics result in exposing the story as telling us they could cremate one body with a piece of wood the size of a shoe box.

Whereas present day cremation technology requires 2 to 3 hours to cremate one body a Holocaust oven could reduce 4 bodies in 10 minutes.

Many Holocaust ‘facts’ are totally contrary to the laws of physics. Either the tales are true and the laws of physics are false or the laws of physics are true and Holocaust ‘facts’ are impossible.

Selecting a theoretical ridiculously low amount of wood to cremate one body, say the equivalent of a solid piece 2 x 2 x 2 feet, times the 80% claimed to have been cremated with the fuel, we end up with 36 million cubic feet of wood necessary. This would be equal to a pile of 30 foot tree trunks 2 feet across piled up 20 feet high and 20 feet across by 5 miles long. Or, a volume of wood exceeding the volume of the Empire State Building.

Where we don’t have definitive figures that we can use to show Holocaust ‘facts’ are contrary to the laws of physics we have the results of theoretical considerations that insult our common senses.

Even though the undertaking to acquire and deliver the fuel would have been immense the Holocaust story has but two or three scattered ‘eyewitness’ sentences that mention anything about it.

Holocaust Numerology

In a way the Holocaust story is a story of numbers. Aside from the huge reduction of Auschwitz figures many other numbers that were first around in the early stages have been toyed with in attempts to make the improbable less improbable. We can have for one camp numbers ranging from 80,000 to 1,500,000 and for another we can have 700,000, 800,000, 900,000 or 2,000,000. Another can be 300,000 or twice that at 600,000.

The number of victims from various countries can range from say 70,000 to 700,000 for France or 350,000 to 900,000 for Hungary.

For gas chamber capacities at one camp it could be 200, 700 or 3000. The number of bodies that could be cremated in ovens per day could be 2,000 or 10,000. Regardless of the mass reductions of numbers for Auschwitz, the total deletion of the hundreds of thousands once claimed for camps on German soil and the wide variety of figures for other camps the 6,000,000 number always stays the same.

Evil beyond contempt

The Katyn Forest is an area in Poland were the Soviets had massacred thousands of Polish cadre. When the Germans wrested control from the Soviets they were informed of thousands being driven out to the forest never to be seen again. The Germans located the mass graves and did a forensic archaeological investigation.

At the Nuremberg trials where the Soviets sat as prosecutors and judges themselves they introduced the massacre as a German crime and the Allied members allowed it even though they knew who really did it, which tells us something ugly about the nature of the trials.

Super exemplifying the basic mode of Holocaust evidence, the Soviets submitted a report hundreds of pages long totally founded on “eyewitness” accounts. The reality eventually surfaced in the form of an extant German report, complete with photographs of the excavation as it was happening along with foreign forensic experts and journalists invited and Allied POW officers brought in to witness, all photographed at the scene. With the advent of Glasnost the Soviets eventually came to admit to the crime.

The German report stands ironically and poetically as the only real documented forensic investigation ever performed on any mass grave stemming from the WW II era.

Nuremberg Tribunal

The incident of the Katyn Forest being introduced to the Nuremberg Tribunal stands as monolithic evidence that the trials were a farce. In addition to that one grand indictment the determinations of the Tribunal also included finding the defendants guilty of mass extermination at camps in Germany, since erased from the story, and the 4,000,000 number for Auschwitz currently 1,000,000. Inquiring minds have gone over the records of the trials and the case for a kangaroo court is outstanding.

“The Nuremberg Trials had been popular throughout the world and particularly in the United States. Equally popular was the sentence already announced by the high tribunal; death. It was the foundation of the American system of law and justice and [Robert Taft] was repelled by the picture of a his country discarding those Constitutional precepts in order to punish a vanquished enemy.”

John F. Kennedy – Profiles in Courage

“Courage”, the ability to recognize an iniquitous thing and take action against it.

What would happen to the Jews if all the sympathy which they have succeeded in drumming up for themselves over the past 55 years through their Holocau$t con-artistry were to disappear overnight with the certain knowledge that the Holocau$t is a LIE — all LIES — and nothing but LIES?


Original title: Holocau$t summary
Author: Unknown – possibly Tom Moran [unsure]
Dated: 2001/2002 [?]
Edited and corrected by k0nsl.

This text was archived by HOLOCAUST HISTORY ARCHIVE, a site operated by me (k0nsl) at the time. The HHA is defunct since a long time but I still got most of it’s material on backups. As for the origins of the text itself, it was found on the old CODOH BBS.

If somebody could help me remember whom the author is, that would be great. I’m quite sure it was written by Mr. Moran, but my memory could be faulty. Please don’t hesitate to comment if you remember who wrote it.