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Vultr Hosting: London Benchmark

A quick and rudimentary benchmark of Vultr Hosting’s London region/location. More as a personal note than anything — could perhaps be useful for other people as well. I’ve had this particular VPS for almost two months and it has been up for 58 days so far. I use this VPS specifically for IRCd, linked to

Temporary Re-Design / Tester

Well, don’t mind this theme, or this design, I’m just trying to modify a paid theme by the name of ExtraNews – to see if I could integrate most of my stuff into it within only some minutes, and it was almost possible. Some stuff needed to be rewritten, whilst some broke a bit. Of

Video: The Problem of the Gas Chambers

Testing video player. [youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB53WW6gQcw” theme=”light” modestbranding=”1″] [learn_more caption=”The Problem of the Gas Chambers” state=”open”] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB53WW6gQcw[/learn_more] [spacer style=”2″] Feel free to share and like this post 

devNET Forums Public Test

I’ve done considerable changes now to the proposed devNET community forums which I have decided to resurrect and I must say the result is quite O-K. Feel free to register, post and poke around:   http://cms.benito.k0nsl.org/forums I decided to move the forums to Gondor (which runs k0nsl-nginx + Apache2), see: http://k0nsl.org/forums/ Keep in mind, it’s