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Old Project Takes Shape

I’m resuming work on a old project of the devNET software group. This particular application sits and waits for “pings” from infected machines to arrive (or clients, one probably calls them..*cough*). This is similar to a web-based notification application (you know: all those CGI/PHP notification systems. I still use S7-notification for some applications he he) but a

System33r Socks4 Detection Rate in 2012

I found a very old backup CD with some of my past projects, among them was “System33r Socks4”. This software can generate a stealthy socks4 server using the included editor tool. I had a pre-compiled server on the CD and decided to test the detectability at some multi-scanner services, see: http://jubbads.com/2bh (Virus Total) http://jubbads.com/2bi (NoVirusThanks) http://jubbads.com/2bj (Jotti’s