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New system up & running!

[divider]Video Description[/divider] Combobulated is the keyword (is that even a word?) At any rate, this is a system I pulled together from bits and pieces and a CPU which was sent to me from Hong Kong. The CPU is a E8400, socket 775. Motherboard? Asus Maximus Extreme, see: http://k0nsl.org/bag/hardware/Asus_Maximus_Extreme/ Cooling? It’s passively cooled by a

Getting back in watercooling

I’ve decided to get back into the world of watercooling next month. I already have the most vital parts here: https://twitter.com/#!/k0nsl/status/170603409739747329/photo/1/large   Block: Swiftech Storm Radiator: Thermochill   And one smaller radiator for the chipset. I have one brand new pump, Laing and one other (used merely a month) that I’ll use :-) I can’t