An update on the ‘subrosa situation’

Hi friends,

As most of you know by now the entire network hosted by subrosa is dead due to the following reason:

Now you know why you cannot reach it. At any rate: some of the people in our group say they had trouble getting on the self-hosted version that is maintained by myself, so I made a few changes to make the whole process simpler.

I explain it all in the below video. If you look in the description you will find the relevant information. However, one needn’t change anything. The old URL is still the same. All that you must do is create a new account as my server has no affiliation with the one/s run by the subrosa developers.

If you have any have issues, let me know and I’ll help you out as best I can.

Update: 27 April 2015

The subrosa.io network is apparently online again. I logged in to their network and it’s all normal, so it appears as if they “only” forgot to renew their domain. Whatever. We will be using my network from this point on anyway

Update: 1 May 2016

I am not using subrosa anymore. The project died. I have deployed an entirely new platform which is available only by invitation.
If you would like an invite, send an e-mail to this address: invite@60ych.net.


How to connect to my self-hosted ‘subrosa-server’

A very simple “video tutorial” on how to connect to my self-hosted ‘subrosa-server’ [1]: I am no longer using Skype and subrosa is a very decent alternative/replacement. I’m sorry about the quality of the video I published and of my terrible English [narration]…lel

Network: wss://survivor.k0nsl.org/server/
Client (remote): https://chat.k0nsl.org
Client (local): https://github.com/subrosa-io/subrosa-client/

To use the local client; download their compressed archive, extract it and browse to ./src/index.html in your favourite browser. That is the recommended route by the developers.


subrosa screenshot


1. https://github.com/subrosa-io/subrosa-server