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An update on the ‘subrosa situation’

Hi friends, As most of you know by now the entire network hosted by subrosa is dead due to the following reason: Now you know why you cannot reach it. At any rate: some of the people in our group say they had trouble getting on the self-hosted version that is maintained by myself, so

How to connect to my self-hosted ‘subrosa-server’

A very simple “video tutorial” on how to connect to my self-hosted ‘subrosa-server’ [1]: I am no longer using Skype and subrosa is a very decent alternative/replacement. I’m sorry about the quality of the video I published and of my terrible English [narration]…lel Network: wss://survivor.k0nsl.org/server/ Client (remote): https://chat.k0nsl.org Client (local): https://github.com/subrosa-io/subrosa-client/ To use the local