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I Love Speed.

Well, it’s true friends. I do love speed — particularly the type of speed provided by Atlantic.Net The postal services appear to have handled the package as if it contained a WMD… [divider]About Atlantic.Net[/divider] Atlantic.Net was formed in 1994 and has strategically evolved into a market-leading Cloud Hosting Provider. Atlantic.Net is recognized for providing exceptional

Speed Optimizations – Done!

I’ve managed to optimize the server (and the underlying code in the blog) to be a lot snappier now, although WordPress still has that characteristic “sluggish” feel to it, regrettably. But obviously a lot of things has been done considering GTmetrix gave it an average rating of about 68 in Page Speed Score only some weeks ago.

k0nsl’s New Workstation Is Quick

Right so I finally assembled my new workstation. I didn’t wish to re-install Windows because I have configured it so much to suit all my needs, and I didn’t feel like re-doing all that customization. Also everything is encrypted, the boot as well. It would all just be a hassle, I don’t have time for