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Sago Networks: Two Quick Benchmarks

Me and kollek bought two Xeon E3 dedicated servers from Sago Networks almost three days ago, and here’s two quick benchmarks which I ran on them. The servers are only loaded with Proxmox VE at the moment — so they’re more or less running stock — nothing else is running on them. All fresh and

VPSDepot Benchmark

Right, a quick and “dirty” benchmark report for VPSDepot — a company of whom I have only been a customer with since 02/06/2012. This is not a review, it is just a quick benchmark, that’s all. I have two servers with VPSDepot at almost 70 bucks a month per server, but I decided to cancel

Moving k0nsl.net to Gondor

My shared hosting for k0nsl.net and a bunch of other domains I had on there (because of the geographical location was suited for it) has been suspended therefore I’m moving them over to Gondor. Right now it’s just redirecting to k0nsl.org, and I think it will be configured like that. I’ll use k0nsl.org as my

Testing Cherokee Web Server

G’day folks (with Australian accent), On my development server I’m today testing Cherokee. I am evaluating whether or not to deploy this on one of my servers. According to the few benchmarks I’ve seen this one holds up quite well. In fact, it’s performing really well. However I am going to test it throughout the evening to

kr0kedNET IRC Network

kr0kedNET (formerly “neophytos IRC”) has been launched. Two hours or so ago. kr0kedNET is a free-for-all IRC network, without any of the typical rules one sees everywhere. There only is one rule, the unwritten one; no paedophilia-related discussions, channels or content of any kind. So in any case, feel free to become a frequent user of

Varnish not playing nice

As most of my readers know I’ve been caught up with improving the server the last couple of weeks and I’ve had great success with much of it. Most recantly I’ve played with Varnish — which no doubt worked very well — but up to now things took another turn and I seemed to get

Speed Optimizations – Done!

I’ve managed to optimize the server (and the underlying code in the blog) to be a lot snappier now, although WordPress still has that characteristic “sluggish” feel to it, regrettably. But obviously a lot of things has been done considering GTmetrix gave it an average rating of about 68 in Page Speed Score only some weeks ago.