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A Proposal for Roberto Muehlenkamp

Dear donkey Muehlenkamp, I heard from a source that you’re involved in a new start-up where a new web page is to be launched, which has as it’s stated aim to “once and for all shut the Holocaust deniers up” – employing your esteemed “wall of text” technique which contain little or nothing of relevance to

Roberto Muehlenkamp on Forensic Investigation Methodology

Roberto Muehlenkamp wrote: [blockquote]Actually it’s k0nsl who is avoiding simple demands – such as the obviousness of his having to demonstrate that, as he claims, a forensic investigation requires “independent spectators from major countries observing the procedures and methodologies” to be considered objective. Instead of producing any rules or standards of evidence requiring what he

k0nsl on tWn

Yesterday, Carolyn Yeager mentioned me on her radio show ‘Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager’. I got some heat on her show mostly because of a comment that I phrased somewhat badly and also because I host sites that are strongly anti-Jewish / anti-Zionist in nature. Apparently I was criticized for my English too. I’m not

Roberto Muehlenkamp and His Father

  [box type=”info”] I got this information via “Blogbuster”, Wikipedia, and Google Images. [/box] Apparently Roberto Muehlenkamp’s father is Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp, who fought in the SS division Das Reich in a Reconnaissance Battalion. Interesting to note is that Mr. Muehlenkamp has always denied this connection, often vehemently. In his own admission Muehlenkamp suffers from depression and eats medical supplements such

Holocaust Controversies: No Extermination At Monowitz

On the pro-Holocaust blog Holocaust Controversies [see note #1] which is maintained by a group of hardened Holocaust Enforcers such as Nicholas Terry, Andrew “Handy Andy” Mathis, Sergey Romanov and Roberto “Kinnstützenkamp” Muehlenkamp,  and some other people, they concede openly that extermination at Monowitz, in any shape or form, never happened. Now this is some progress, now