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Raul Hilberg Demolished In Court

The late Raul Hilberg was one of the best-known and most distinguished of Holocaust historians — he met a terrible fate in court when he tried to defend his Holocaust ideology. I am of the opinion that it would have been much better for Mr. Hilberg if he should’ve stayed with his hobby of train spotting rather

Siegfried Verbeke’s German Holocaust booklet

 Auschwitz: Fakten versus Fiktion. Der Holocaust und die Wissenschaft. Published by Siegfried Verbeke siegfriedverbeke@hotmail.com    The glossy cover of this 54-page booklet features a US Air Force aerial photograph taken of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 31 May 1944 when allegedly 6-20 thousand Jews were gassed and burned and thick smoke billowed forth from the chimney covering the whole campsite

The Günter Deckert Files: Fourth Day

Continuation of the “Günter Deckert Files”: now the order is correct again. Here is the fourth day and [beginning of the] fifth day. A brief introduction of Günter is available at the end of this post (there will be a contemporary introduction replacing the current one ASAP). Here are the previous entries:  The Günter Deckert Files: Fourth

Anne Frank…executed?

Anne Frank was executed? If this type of “general knowledge” becomes prevalent amongst (presumed) Germans, and other Europeans, and they fail to adhere to facts given to them by going into “knee-jerk response mode”, then I am afraid they never will change their mind about the alleged Holocaust. Luckily there are men such as Carlo