My Asus Raidr

I bought an Asus ROG Raidr today, you read more about it at Asus website: http://www.asus.com/ROG_ROG/RAIDR_Express_PCIe_SSD/ Here’s how it compares to my previous SSD drive, an old OCZ SSD. I’ll be installing Debian on the “Raidr” later today  [divider]OCZ SSD[/divider] My trusty old OCZ SSD: [divider]Asus Raidr[/divider] Now for the ASUS RAIDR Express PX2-240GB: …see the

OCZ Agility 3 in Raid0

Say hi to my OCZ Agility 3 (SSDs), in a Raid0 array configuration — benched with ATTO Disk Benchmark: I’m pleased with these results. Keep in mind, these results are from my budget system which I use for everyday tasks. Have a good day, all.

My Windows Experience Score – Awkward!

Check out this somewhat recent Windows Experience score, it’s way off – awkward. I get 6,9 because of the drive – which is an SSD from OCZ. I “migrated” this Windows 7 installation from a regular mechanical drive some weeks ago, it’s a very old installation – perhaps one and a half year old, with A LOT