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Stack changes for k0nsl

I am again experimenting with the Cherokee [1] web server in my stack for k0nsl.org — it currently handles the PHP backend of it all, which so far seems to be working quite nice. Nginx is used as frontend and for most static files, finally Apache2 is used for miscellaneous tasks. The last time I

Pancake Development Roadmap (and more)

I have been communicating with Mr. Khalil on all sorts of topics regarding Pancake – he is the author of this software. In my discussions with him I raised concerns about security and how Pancake would handle traffic, among other issues. These issues was promptly answered and he included the Pancake development roadmap, which might be of

nginx reverse proxy with caching

I’ve set up nginx to act as reverse proxy + caching, and so far it works out very nice. I’m currently doing benchmarks to determine what settings is most optimal for my system. I dubbed it “k0nsl-nginx” because what I’m using is a slightly modified nginx. I’m constantly doing minor changes to see what will

Free hosting

[box type=”info”] You can apply for free web hosting here. What you will get PHP/MySQL/cPanel access, with more details in welcome e-mail.[/box] NOTE: I don’t accept more clients, at the moment.   Content that will be automatically removed if found on my server: Paedophilia Homosexuality Everything else is allowed as per UN’s Declaration of Human

Old Project Takes Shape

I’m resuming work on a old project of the devNET software group. This particular application sits and waits for “pings” from infected machines to arrive (or clients, one probably calls them..*cough*). This is similar to a web-based notification application (you know: all those CGI/PHP notification systems. I still use S7-notification for some applications he he) but a

Get a Free Blog Here

Hi friends ! I decided to let people have their own blog here at k0nsl.org but I think the solution I found isn’t the best, and the other ones available are even more vulnerable in their design — and some of them even wish for loads of money, which can in some respect be understandable