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Free Hosted ‘miniflux’ Reader

I’m offering a hosted version of miniflux1 for whoever is in need of a good news reader. It looks like this, basically: [slider crop=”yes” slide1=”http://cdn.k0nsl.org/2013/05/miniflux-hosted02_k0nsl.png” slide2=”http://cdn.k0nsl.org/2013/05/miniflux-hosted01_k0nsl.png” slide3=”http://miniflux.net/screenshots/subscriptions_2.png”][/slider] If you’re interested send me an e-mail at i.am@k0nsl.org [divider]Notes[/divider] 1. Miniflux is a minimalist web based news reader written by Frédéric Guillot.

Join “The Iniquitous”

The Iniquitous is a free news syndication service that publishes news from about 15 different sources on a daily basis. It’s also connected to Facebook and Twitter (I need to re-code that part because something broke, but it’s childsplay to fix…however I have not felt like fixing it as I’m still very sick). In any

The Legacy of Holocaust Survivor Fred Kort

k0nslify productions has documented the story of Fred Kort in a very brief clip, watch it and share if you liked it. It basically covers some of the more interesting bits that Fred Kort is said to have gone through. The information comes from his own experiences as recorded by ‘Life in Legacy’ – whether the

My Windows Experience Score – Awkward!

Check out this somewhat recent Windows Experience score, it’s way off – awkward. I get 6,9 because of the drive – which is an SSD from OCZ. I “migrated” this Windows 7 installation from a regular mechanical drive some weeks ago, it’s a very old installation – perhaps one and a half year old, with A LOT

A Holocaust Tube Is Crafted

As an extension of Holocaust History News I’ve helped launch a media tube at: http://media.holocaust-news.com It’s quite rudimentary in both design and function, but overall, it works for the purpose. This is just to off-load the main HHN site from video content. –k0nsl

www.holocaust-news.com is launched

So, hehe. I helped launching another sweet site – www.holocaust-news.com  {14} It has all the services of a good news service, plus a host of other features such as: minimalistic online community, personal pages for registered members, a forum section and more! Apart from these features it also has an excellent commentary system, ratings and