Eric Hunt’s Documentaries

Hi friends,

I have mirrored [1] most of Eric Hunt’s documentaries, spread out over several different servers around the world.

You will be geolocated to a location that is closest to where you are, in most cases. This is particularly true for his documentary “The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth” which is spread across six different locations so far.

These are the current mirrors and in no particular order:

Apart from my own mirrors you can find his work at Holocaust Handbooks, as well. Have I missed anything, or do you want me to mirror other important work? Give me suggestions. You can reach me via the following chat. Any suggestions are welcome if you think it would be worth having the material archived. I’ve got the resources to do it.



  1. mirror-def01_k0nsl

I’m Now Mirrored at GitHub

k0nsl.github.com k0nsl.github.com

Yesterday I looked into converting the blog to Jekyll for better performance and all the other benefits, but ended up merely doing a storage/holder [or mirror] on GitHub for most of the posts and pages located on the master blog [i.e k0nsl.org] and the conversion process went quite well with no hiccups to talk about.

The only issue is that I have been coding special short codes and using some already available short codes so that is one issue, and quite dumb of me to do, but it’s a nice way to save some time when creating posts. So that is the only issue with the mirror on GitHub – malformed posts.

For instance, take the image used in this post, I’m using short code for it when I should be doing HTML, like so:

[k0nsl-image="k0nsl image" u="http://some-image"]

But I should be using:

<div class="centered-image">
<div class="frame-border"></div>
<img src="kthumb.php?src=http://k0nsl.org/blog/k1/uploads/2013/01/github1_k0nsl.png&amp;w=390&amp;h=250&amp;zc=1&amp;q=100" alt="k0nsl.github.com"/>
<span class="caption-text">k0nsl.github.com</span>

But other than that the mirror is looking fine so far. Good to have redundancy, I suppose.

Mirror URL:


My Pirate Bay Proxy

Hi friends,

Right, I’m just posting this hastily because I’m in the middle of something else. I’m a staunch supporter and user of The Pirate Bay, so I have decided to set up my own public TPB proxy located at:


Feel free to use it.


If you want your site proxied via k0nsl.org please contact me, here.


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Mirroring litek.ws content

I’m currently occupied with mirroring files and documents that I personally find to be mirror-material (i.e worthy to archive for the future). I am only mirroring stuff from my own, old and defunct sites — such as litek.ws (not my domain any longer hehe).

So far I’ve managed to mirror some seventy files, or more. I’ve also patched up my k0nsl-nginx with the changes made in nginx-1.2.5 and applied them – and so far everything seems to be working like a charm 

It’s also my birthday today, so in nine hours I’ll be going to cross the border (doesn’t matter where) to celebrate the day there. 


Zorin Group Announces Zorin 6.1

I’ve known about this since the day it was announced but forgot to update my mirror accordingly. So perhaps it’s really true that I’m as slow as the official mirror provided by ibiblio

Here’s the announcement from the Zorin Group:

The Zorin OS Team are pleased to announce the release of Zorin OS 6.1 Core, our operating system designed for Windows users and those who are dissatisfied with the Unity and Gnome Shell offerings. Zorin OS 6.1 Core builds on top of our popular previous release of Zorin OS 6 Core with newly updated software and a newer kernel out of the box. As Zorin OS 6.1 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 it is an LTS (Long Term Support) release, provided with 5 years of security updates.

Users who already have Zorin OS 6 Core installed do not need to get Zorin OS 6.1 Core as all the aforementioned updates and improvements in 6.1 can be applied by installing the latest updates from the Update Manager.


Download Zorin:

As you may notice, I only mirror the 64bit distributions. If you need 32bit you can get them via the official mirrors provided through the Zorin Group and it’s proprietaries.


Mirroring entire blog


Just a heads up, I’m mirroring the entire blog so the format you’re seeing right now will be reverted back to the original when I’m done.

If somebody knows of a really easy way to periodically mirror a WP-based blog into perfectly static HTML files, please let me know. What I am doing can’t be optimal, but I needed something quick and dirty. I’m however willing to try something that is more efficient, even if deploying it takes a bit of effort.

I’m reverting back to the old format once I wake up tomorrow, because I’ll leave my script running overnight as I’m going to bed much earlier than usual