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I am sorry for this inconvenience; I did not anticipate it myself.

UPDATE: April 24 2017

So far one person have made a contribution in order to get the PDF library restored. However, this is not going to cover my bills. If more people need this extensive online library up and running, please contact me at i.am@k0nsl.org and I will send you instructions on how to make a contribution.


Israel Bombs Syria

Syria Syria

According to several reports Israel has bombed Syria yesterday and according to Syrian military the strike killed two people and wounded five.

The goal was a research facility in Syria, according to Syrian military. Israel is characterised in the following manner by the Swedish media site nationell.nu:

Israel is a racist terrorist state hailed by political parties like the Sweden Democrats and sites such as “Avpixlat”. The state has started numerous wars since the formation in 1948 and is engaged in genocide against the Palestinians. Israel is going to force the world into a new world war by their warmongering against Iran and other nations.


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