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Free ZNC Acess At My Network

As I have a lot of bandwidth unused I decided to provide free ZNC access for those using my IRC network, with access to many modules + ZNC’s web interface. For an account, please drop by at irc.k0nsl.org and join #k0nsl to receive more information. [divider]Information[/divider] For more information about ZNC check out their project

IRC is online again

Okay, so I finally got around to fixing the IRC server again, and this time I decided to keep it very simple. The IRCd is ‘Feisty Weasel’ coupled with Atheme IRC Services [1]. Took a bit of modding for the services, but they’re working fine The web page [2] for the IRC is very simple.

k0nsl hier, freut mich

I’ve been away for almost one week, will be back home and back to my usual activities in two days. The only place where I have been active is Twitter. But now it appears that I can access the blog to create a post. Looks like it, so far. You can follow my activities on

New: “k0nsl Quotes”

I decided to launch a blog which is wholly dedicated to collecting quotes. Why? Well, to be honest, I had nothing better to-do before leaving for Lübeck, so I did this. The design is “tumblr”-like and based on Exult1c’s design. It works for this purpose, with only minor modification from me. You can reach it via

k0nsl Short URLs Plugin

I decided that the API for knsl.net should be open for anybody and not just exclusively k0nsl.org, therefore I have crafted a plugin for this purpose, and it’s based on the source of GentleSource Short URL plugin, with some minimal refinements in the code (not much so far). So, if you’re in need of a short

Connect with k0nsl + devNET

I have connected my blog with the devNET community forums which I merely run for sentimental reasons, I founded it in early 2003 and since 2006, or close to that time, it has been shutdown. In those days I ran phpBB — but that database is not usable now which made me start from scratch